What’s the Story — 30th September


This is another case of my original scheduled post for today getting postponed because I came across the above picture over the weekend and thought I would share it with you.

I have had real problems with the email programme on my laptop so Mr B suggested I download a new programme, which I duly did.  But as I have four email accounts it then sat and chugged through downloading them all, including the 7000+ messages in my main account.   I was curious to see the first emails in the account when I set it up just after getting married in 2008 as it was my new account in my shiny new married name.

When I saw that pic.   We had ordered it from our wedding photographer and he had sent it to me as a pdf so we could get it printed and framed as an anniversary present for my lovely in laws Lady B and Mr B Sr (Hopalong).   I think that is right, my brain is a bit frazzled.

Since it happens to be their wedding anniversary today I thought I would share this with you.

What should have been a “proper” photo of me with my inlaws, my new husband and our best man, Mr B’s brother Roger.   Should have been.

Just as the picture was taken Roger pinched my bum really hard to make me jump.  And this pic was taken.    I think it perfectly captures my reaction, and Roger’s.   Yet Mr B, Pat and Jim are unaware of what has just happened!

I love it.  And hope you do too

I must add that our wedding photographer was a chap called Adam Jefferson and this is his picture, not mine.   Please don’t copy it without his permission.   And should you be looking for a wedding photographer in Hampshire, we would highly recommend him.

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  • Great picture, i love a pic that really captures the essence of a moment, sounds like a right cheeky family that you entered into…or was it a left cheeky?

  • I love it – what a cheeky thing to do but has captured a great moment #whatsthestory

  • Love the photo. Happy Anniversary to your lovely In-laws. 🙂 xxx

    Caitlyn had to take in some baby photos today for homework, so we had fun looking through old photos yesterday.

    With her only being 5, I printed them, cut them, arranged them and put them in a file to bring in today. Popped them in her bag. Arrived at school smug (not really as we were late again!).

    Reminded her to hand her homework in to the teacher, to which she replied…”I can’t Mummy, I thought you told me to take it out of my bag and put it on the settee.”

    I get home and there is my (I mean her) homework on the settee. Oops! Try again tomorrow…

    • oh no!!! We have all done that “I cant take my homework in becuase the printer is in your office and the dog is now in his cage” grrrrr

  • Brilliant photo and just love the story ‘behind’ those laughs!

  • I absolutely adore this photo T, what a brilliant memento from the day. The looks on your faces are just priceless – especially yours! An awesome #whatsthestory post, thank you so much for sharing. Happy anniversary 🙂

  • Thanks to all contributors for their very kind thoughts!

    The TAB/BWB wedding day was the day of the century for “Greater Fleet” and just went on and on. Roger, as best man, spoke for about 45 minutes without notes producing much merriment and making my speech fade into the background. Don’t remember when we retired but it was well after the fireworks! [come to think of it don’ remember WHERE we retired to, either]

    Thanks for the memories!

  • Brilliant! This photo is definitely one of two halves and captures the ‘fun’ of the day (you can always rely on a good best man for that!)

  • Haha, what a great story! I did wonder when I saw your expression! Fabulous photo!