Why 2024 needs to be the year of small

I often struggle with whether I need to define a year before it has begun. Should we put that expectation on the following 363 days on day three? Or should we do that at the end of the year, retrospectively? In previous years I have done it by way of a word of the year, such as the year of enough in 2018, or hope. This year I am going to go with “Small”. I want this to be a small year, and yes I am defining it on day three. I want it to be the year that nothing big happens, nothing major, just a year of small moments that all come together so this time next year I can say “yep, 2024 was a wonderful year”.

So here’s why I believe the upcoming year should be dedicated to the art of small.

Discovering things closer to home

Often, the appeal of exotic destinations overshadows the hidden gems right on people’s doorsteps. Sure the world is a fabulous place and there are lots of spots that we add to our bucket lists, or in our planning of trips of a lifetime. But what about the wonderful places closer to home we have never explored? I was reminded of this when I bumped into a family in Stratford who had saved for years to visit Warwickshire. Mum was a huge Shakespeare fan, studied him at university and had wanted to visit for decades. She was in awe. We were stopping in for a night on the way north and it struck me that we need to appreciate that more, not take it for granted. Same with the family over from Korea that stopped and asked us to take their photograph outside Salisbury Cathedral, somewhere I go twice a month and don’t bat an eyelid because it’s “just Salisbury”.

In 2024, I want to explore the wonders that are just a stone’s throw away. Whether it’s a place I have seen on Instagram or grown up knowing about, starting with Gold Hill in Shaftesbury (this will only make sense if you are a certain age) and the new lift at Battersea Power Station. Hoping it will give me a fresh perspective and deepen my appreciation for my immediate surroundings as I learn not to take any of it for granted.

The Joy of Small Trips:

While the idea of a week-long vacation to an exotic location is enticing, I want to acknowledge the joy of small trips. Weekend getaways or day trips can be just as rejuvenating and often require less planning and stress. By taking small, spontaneous trips, I can create memorable experiences without the need for an extensive itinerary. Or weeks and weeks of planning and the worry that I have missed “the” place to go. This is counter intuitive for somebody who just started a travel business from home but hey, just because it doesnt mean I can’t help plan other people’s trips be they a month long or just overnight.

Cherishing Days at Home

In a world that constantly pushes me to hustle and stay busy, I want to dedicate time to simply be at home. In 2024, I plan to embrace the beauty of lazy Sundays with a good book, boxsets, a big lunch, or experimenting with a new recipe in the comfort of my kitchen. Sorry family. These days at home will be an act of self-care, allowing me to relax, foster creativity, and reconnect with myself and loved ones.

Small Changes, Big Impact

Rather than setting lofty goals that may feel overwhelming, I want to make small, sustainable changes to my routines and habits. This could be as simple as incorporating a short morning walk, practicing mindfulness, or trying a new hobby. I started meditating again last year and want to do more of this, getting up early to spend an hour in the stillness before days start is something I found incredibly beneficial.

Savouring Small Bites

In a world filled with fad diets and extreme nutritional plans, I want to savour small bites. Instead of drastic changes to my diet, I plan to focus on enjoying and appreciating the flavors of fresh, whole, seasonal foods. Making small adjustments to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and mindful eating practices will help foster a healthier relationship with food. Cutting out the takeaways and making full use of the chest freezer we were given by our lovely neighbours just before Christmas.

As I step into 2024, I’m committed to redefining my approach to life by embracing the charm of small. Whether it’s in my travels, daily routines, or dietary choices, I believe there is beauty in the simplicity of small moments. By prioritizing the joy found in nearby explorations, cozy days at home, and subtle lifestyle changes, I can create a year filled with contentment, balance, and a deeper connection to the world around me. Here’s to making 2024 my year of small – a year of mindful, intentional living.

I hope you will join me!

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