Window Wednesday — Rainbows

Rainbows and children’s art in windows and on pavements

Window Wednesday has been paused of late because we haven’t done an awful lot that has offered me the opportunity to post a photo of a window (and if you are new to Window Wednesday here is a little more about it)

I am not sure where the idea came from but as the lockdown came into force children all over the country began drawing and colouring rainbows to put up in their windows.  They were a colourful symbol to people walking past on their one daily walk or run, their friends, key workers and the world that they were saying thank you and thinking of them.   They have flooded social media and I thought it would be nice to feature a few of them on Window Wednesday

Emma from Mummy Mummy Mum got her children to make dinosaur prints  for their window

Kirstie from  The Mummysphere got her boys to thank their postie with their rainbows

Lizzie and her daughter coloured this one in to thank the NHS and carers

Helen has gone one further and made a downloadable version  available on her website Kiddy Charts

Joy at PinkOddy got her children to colour in this huge rainbow for their window

Maggy at Red Ted Art got her children to do a few for their windows

Jen at My Mummy’s Pennies  got her daughter to draw directly on the window.  I love this

Renne from MummyTries‘ daughter coloured in this rainbow and even threw in a free smile

It was a whole family effort for Ruth at Rock and Roller Baby‘s children!

And I loved these from Kara atChelsea Mumma

And for a bonus point Jen also got her daughter to colour this to send to her Nanna for her window

And my lovely friend Beckie posted this rainbow on Facebook that her daughter chalked on the pavement

Sarah Ebner shared this with me, spotted on a walk she did recently.  I love the message attached

And last but not least Steph from Steph’s two girls shared this on Instagram

Probably one of the most colourful Window Wednesdays for a while!  Thank you everybody for letting me share, and do let me know of any other pics you see on line that you would like me to feature next week.  We obviously aren’t going anywhere for a while so it would be nice to keep showing other people’s pretty windows.

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