Yorkshire Tea, jam and toast flavour

Last month I spotted on Twitter that Yorkshire Tea and released a new flavour of tea, not, as I hoped, specifically for people who like to drink their tea without milk, but flavoured with jam and toast.

I mean, seriously?  Tea flavoured with jam and toast? I wasn’t impressed, as you can see from the tweet above.  I stand by that middle sentence, who in God’s name thought this was a good idea?  Who thought it would make sense to add tea and toast to the tea?

Well, Yorkshire Tea played along with me by replying to my tweet with this response and I must admit it made me howl with laughter.   If you are on Twitter and don’t follow them you really should, they do it so well and it’s a masterclass in how a company should run their social media team, definitely one of my favourites.

I thought no more of the exchange until I got a DM from them a week later asking if they could have my permission to use my tweet in some adverts they were running, and to say thank you they would send me “some brews”.   Those brews duly arrived this morning, and of course included their new jam and toast flavoured tea bags.  Along with the biscuit ones they brought out a few years ago (which actually although I hated the idea, they actually weren’t that bad).

Lo and behold the advert is now “proper out there”

I am going to have to drink it now, aren’t I?


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