Zapper. Dibber. Fat Controller. What do you call yours?

What do you call your remote control?

bearded man holds a remote control towards the screen

When I was asked if I wanted to have a look at some research that had recently been done on the habits of the nation’s TV remote controls I was intrigued.   What DO people call theirs?


Ours is a dibber and lives on the coffee table.

Or sofa arm

Or cushion

Or floor

Or dog

And it seems we are not alone!

TVRemote2Yep, I can safely say that is pretty accurate for this house too!

TVRemote3Hahahaha.  And I can make no comment on this (ps yes, this is true  “me?  no.  I haven’t got it”)

TVremote4Hoofer Doofer?!   Who is calling their remote a hoofer doofer?  Come on.   Stand up and be counted.

TVremote5On myself?!  This made me laugh.   SO many times I find myself lying on the sofa

Image of  man holding a remote control, courtesy of Shutterstock

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