So here’s the thing — the secret thing — Chapter 1

Have I mentioned the Secret Thing to you at all?  You probably won’t have seen anything about it on Twitter.  It has barely registered on my radar at all and so I haven’t mentioned it much.  At all.   Nope.


Well the secret thing is happening and let me tell you it is rather huge.   But I am embargoed (ooooh get me) until 31st.   So I can’t tell you what the actual Secret Thing is.

But I can tell you the background to it so it all makes sense.

Back in November I saw Emma Freud tweet that she was off to a meeting at Comic Relief.  For she is a Director, of course.  But then you knew that.   You also knew that I have met Emma a few times so she knows I am not just a crazy stalker.   When I saw that Tweet I replied and said “are you doing anything with bloggers?  Would love to try and rally some troops to support Comic Relief next year and do some fund raising”.

Emma replied and said “email me”.   So I did.

A meeting was arranged with a lovely bunch at Comic Relief on December 4th and off I went.  Dragging my partner in crime Annie (Mammasaurus) along because she is as mad as me but has a great knowledge for all things blog.    We presented our bonkers ideas for fund raising and how we could ask bloggers to get involved and support this great cause.

This year it is 25 years of Red Nose Day and what better way than to show all the good work they have done than with social media?

We came away from the meeting thinking “well they clearly think we are both quite mad” and being promised “they would be in touch”.

There are various laws surrounding fund raising and licences etc need to be in place so they needed to check the legalities of what we were proposing.   And also common decency laws I suspect.

And then on December 13th an email came from Comic Relief that made me literally scream out loud and run around the house like a loon.   Well more of a loon than usual.  An email of such epic proportions I read it with my mouth open.  And then I re-read it and screamed again.   Before forwarding it on to Annie with just a one line of swear words above it.

An email asking us to get involved in the #SecretThing.  Except it isn’t called #SecretThing really.    It is called something else entirely.

But I can’t tell you that until 31st.

Annie will tell you all about her Chapter 1 tomorrow

and Penny will  tell you on Wednesday about how she got involved.

Thursday is the day we can tell you all about it and ask you to help us for three days as we embark on the #SecretThing.   We would love you to be behind us and support us as we do our #SecretThing.   Because the whole point of the #SecretThing actually is you.

It starts on Sunday and runs until Wednesday.   And will be quite intense and rather epic.

This is not about fund raising for Comic Relief, though that will follow and we will announce that in February, this is all about support and sharing and showing the love.

Are you in?


  1. Aly

    I’ll be counting sleeps until the 31st.Looking forward to reading Annie and Penny’s posts now.

    • MummyBarrow

      Tomorrow and Weds for those two and then all three of us doing a simultaneous BOOM on 31st.

  2. I am very intrigued… so yes go on then, count me in!

  3. Sharon @ I Heart Motherhood

    I would love to be in! Love Comic Relief as a charity so hope I can be involved in the ‘secret thing’!!!! Well done for keeping it secret! :)

    • MummyBarrow

      Fantastic. We so need people behind us. And would love you to get involved in the fund raising when we announce that plan too, in Feb.

  4. I’m in!!!

    Excited. I think. :) x

  5. Of course and absolutely !!

  6. I’m in!! :) I’m imagining you doing alsorts at the moment!

  7. carly halpin

    hhhhhhmmmmm I’m intrigued too!!! I’ll be looking out for the next chapters x

  8. In the words of The Artful Dodger; “I’d do anything for yooooooou!”.

    COUNT. ME. IN.

    • MummyBarrow

      I had Meatloaf in my head then

      I would do anything for yooooo but I won’t do that. What was “that” by the way?

  9. *does #secretthing dance even though she still has absolutely no idea what the whole shebang is all about but she does love a mystery*

  10. Maggy, red ted art

    Sooooooo exciting! And do I show my age, that I remember when Comic Relief first got launched?!

  11. I couldn’t be more in if I tried!!!

  12. Bare Beginnings

    Whatever the #secretthing is it sounds flipping mental, and I’m not moving from my screen in case I miss something!

  13. Because Masters

    Why the hell not?!?
    I’m in!!

  14. Fi

    I’m in! I can’t wait to finally find out what all the hush hush is about!

  15. I’m in :D I’m having my own tag #MySecretThing ;) heehee

  16. aamamdamanda

    Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!

  17. Mrs TeePot

    Sounds very interesting!

  18. I am LOVING the LOVE in this room! Viva la #SecretThing for just 2 more days!

  19. Anything that’s called ‘secret’ is enough to get me involved…try and keep me away!!

  20. I’m in! Right up to my chin :)

  21. so excited for the #secretthing Bring on the 31st.

  22. I can’t wait to hear more, and yes count me in!

  23. I am SOOOOOOOOOO in!!!! xx

  24. donna @ Little Lilypad

    Squeeeeeee I am excited and I don’t even know what it is yet

  25. Thisdayilove

    Im too nosey not to be in!

  26. Too excited. That is all

  27. Go on you lovely ladies count me in! I’m sure whatever that #secretthing actually is it must be epic and I’d love to be a part of it!

  28. Ooh you tease you. Depending in how mad and how decent the secret thing is, I’m in! The more mad or indecent the better :-D

  29. I feel so much better reading all these comments, and stronger and braver! Here goes! Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. ohh sounds amazing – I’m In too…

  31. Ooooh, all sounds very hush hush and exciting… We will wait patiently. (Well, maybe not so patiently, but it’s worth a try!) :)

  32. Definitely behind you gals xx

  33. Wow all sounds very exciting, can’t wait to hear more this week. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

  34. Hopalong

    God! It’s going to be crowded in there!
    Lady B and I are on board as well, please.
    (I’ve been in it in one form or another since birth)

  35. Charlotte

    I’m intrigued and listening….is that a good enough start?

  36. You’ve got me feeling like a kid at Christmas; waiting for that all important date!
    I’m in, whatever the #SecretThing is! :)

  37. Oooooooooh ….. I LOVE secret things!!!!

  38. Chelseamamma

    I can’t wait to find out more, but you are a terrible tease!!

  39. Looking forward to cheering you on from the sidelines. Crazy fools.

  40. Bandit

    Oh it’s not THAT big a deal.

    He lied.

  41. Butwhymummywhy

    I’m even more stupidly excited than before!

  42. My face really does look like a horses doesn’t it?

  43. This has actually made me more curious not less! I am def in, whatever it is!

  44. Intriguing! Look forward to reading more :)

  45. Mrs Nursery

    Wow sounds fab, can’t wait to hear all about it, count me in too!

  46. Ooo I’m intrigued. Look forward to reading the next bits on the #SecretThing and hopefully joining in too x

  47. AAARRRGGHH I’m gonna pop with excitement!

  48. Very exciting! In, in, in :-)

  49. Sounds very exciting! I’m not committing to a naked table dance or something am I?

  50. Sounds fabulous, why not I say! Mich x

  51. Romanianmum

    Very very good! And would love to get involved ;)

  52. Doesn’t matter how mad it is. Madder the better I, say. Roll on Thursday!

  53. Oh this sounds jolly exciting! Bring on Thursday!!

  54. Count me in, although I fear I may have burst with anticipation before Thursday’s big Boom!

  55. Ooh, intrigue! Can’t wait for the big reveal! x

  56. Sooooooo in!! On the other side of the world and I’m still in! Just slightly far away. But definitely in.

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