27 year old gets naked. Shocker

OK so I am wading into the Prince Harry “furore”.    I have seen the pics, I admit.  Yes, he is naked but you don’t actually see anything.   All this talk of “crown jewels” is nonsense.

I don’t see the problem.    Single man, on holiday, gets naked whilst playing a game.

Nobody got hurt

Nobody was snorting drugs


Nobody was doing anything illegal.

Where is the problem?

Let’s face it, he might be a Prince but baring some hideous catastrophe, he is not going to be King.   He has forged a career for himself.   He has begged to be allowed to go to Afghanistan, to fight on the front line.

So what if he got naked with a bunch of girls in a hotel room?

The royal family is littered with far more serious scandals so why the fuss now?  Have we forgotten that this dad (and yes, his dad, I am not getting into that debate) had an affair for years whilst married to his mum?

His uncle got caught up in dodgy business dealings.

His aunt got caught having her toes sucked

I could go on.

The media needs to get a grip and back off.    I would far rather see these sorts of things in the paper than the photos that I also see today of Tony Nicklinson being taken from his home after his death yesterday.    There is no need for those photos to be published, his family should be left alone and in peace.

As should Harry.



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  • Very well said 🙂 I don’t read the papers anymore as intruding into privacy is not what I wish to read xxx

  • Agree with you 100% he’s done nothing different than any other soldier letting his hair down.

    He was in a private suite not out in public, alohol probably made him a little reckless, lots of people do far worst on a night out incity centers when they should stay covered up..

    Just someone making money selling the pictures!

  • Well said. The only person who should be ashamed are
    a) The one who was trusted enough to be at his private party and took the photo
    b) The person who bought the photo and published it.

    Yes, they’ve both made a bucket full of money but for what? Absolutely nothing. They haven’t solved world poverty or created world peace. They’ve just given the internet something to talk about for 48 hours.

  • I think we should be less concerned about the nakey pics, and more concerned about what a bad pool player he must be. ;0)

  • I completely agree. He’s young, he had fun and he got naked – so what? He didn’t hurt anyone doing it. The only thing is that granny won’t be amused, but I guess everyone can live with that 😉