4 ways to protect your hearing

Hearing is one of the most important senses that you have. If your hearing is damaged it is gone forever. This is why you must take care of it so that nothing goes wrong.

If you feel that there’s something wrong with your hearing do not wait until it is too late because you will not be able to recover. Here are some ways in which you can protect your hearing.

Always Use Earplugs

If you work in a noisy workplace you must use gear that will protect your hearing. Any environment where you have to shout to hear the other person is too loud. In environments like these, it is easy to get temporary tinnitus which will cause ringing in the ears.

Using earplugs is one of the easiest and most affordable ways you can protect your ears. There are custom fits available for this so you can truly make it as comfortable as possible.

Reduce the Volume

You might like to jam to your favorite rock song but listening to music especially with earplugs or headphones at high volumes regularly will damage your hearing. Even binge-watching shows for long periods at loud volumes can be detrimental.

Respect the audio level warnings on your devices. Often if you try to raise the volume too loud you will get a warning about this from most mobile devices. Try to adhere to it.

Do not listen to earphones for more than an hour a day at a 60 percent volume. Earbuds can be the most dangerous because they fit so closely to the eardrum, so turn down the volume.

Let Your Ears Rest

If you’ve been to a concert or a bar don’t come home and immediately put in your earbuds to listen to music. Give your ears some time to recover. 

This recovery time will help to ensure that your hearing is not permanently damaged. For example, if you have been at a concert for hours, rest your ears for at least half a day.

Avoid Cotton Swabs

Using cotton swabs has become popular for removing wax or just for scratching an itch inside the ear. However, this is not a good solution. 

Your ears are self-cleaning organs. The wax in your ears stops the dust and other harmful particles from the environment from going into your eardrum. The eardrums are the most sensitive part of the ear.

If you have excess wax in your ear all you have to do is use a damp towel and gently wipe it out of your ear. You can also use an air wax solution to melt the wax so that it will drain out on its own. 

If you have concerns about waxing your ears it is better to consult an ear care professional instead of trying to remove it yourself cotton swab. 

Take Care of You

Taking care of your hearing is a must. You need to ensure that your hearing is protected at all times.

Take the time to buy protective gear when necessary, reduce the volume of your devices and rest your ears when necessary. These are the basics you need to keep your hearing intact.

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