6 Resources for career progression

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We all have our career goals, whether it’s progressing within our industry, setting up our own business, or a new career path altogether. Once you’ve established what your goals are, what you need are a few tools to support your progress. Whether you’re looking for a new course, networking opportunities, or a support network, a few of these might well come in handy.

One Million Cups

Using the One Million Cups application, you can view amazing presentations from entrepreneurs all around the world. Looking for local entrepreneurial events in your city? With OMC, you can search for networking events, professional communities and more. Why not also get involved with the ‘1 Million Cups Nation’? Here you can offer up ideas about how the OMC community can develop and grow. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a little inspiration, then OMC is definitely worth checking out. One of the best networking tips you’ll hear is ‘practice makes perfect’, so start making those new connections today!

LinkedIn Learning

Feeling a little stagnant in your career? What to learn some new skills to gain a competitive edge? On the LinkedIn Learning platform, you can access thousands of courses, led and created by industry experts. The first step is to input details about your career and your goals. Once you’ve done so, the app will provide you with several personalized course suggestions. There are plenty of top courses to choose from whether you’re looking to learn about data analytics, web design or project management. Whether you’re sure about your career goals or still figuring it out, learning new things is the best way to make professional progress.


The Cloze app was designed to help users to manage and grow their professional network. Cloze organizes all of your business contacts into simple profiles. Each profile contains comms history, contact details, and notes. The application utilizes smart AI, to help you nurture your professional relationships, and make critical follow-ups. Cloze provides analytics, to-do-lists, auto reminds and more. Networking isn’t just about making new connections; it’s about managing those you have, for the best professional outcomes.

Association For Entrepreneurship USA

For aspiring and established entrepreneurs, the AFE is a top resource. The organization works to serve small companies across America using education, peer mentoring and community involvement. It’s not easy to succeed as an entrepreneur, with plenty of competition and so many considerations. For ongoing professional support, the Association For Entrepreneurship can help you to realize your career potential.

Practice Match

Practice Match is an excellent website for those seeking physician jobs. Here you’ll find an extensive jobs search database with plenty of filters to narrow down your search. There are also articles and information about the latest careers fairs. If your goal is finding a new career as a physician, then Practice Match is a great resource. When it comes to progressing in your career, it’s helpful to use sites which are specific to your industry, (as opposed to general job sites).


When you’re approaching a career change, or looking to climb the industry ladder, it’s advisable to conduct plenty of research.

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