8 ways to make pregnancy unforgettable (in a good way) — AD

Pregnancy is either completely wonderful or incredibly awful for mothers to be. Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting or you’re already in your second trimester, this guide is for you. Everyone wants to make the most out of their pregnancy journey so here’s how you can make it as stress-free as possible. 

Use your status to your advantage 

As soon as your baby is born hardly anybody will be willing to help you again. Make the most out of your situation by accepting that stranger’s offer of giving you his bus seat and don’t let pride stop you from letting that person carry your groceries back to your car for you. You don’t have to feel guilty about having others do things for you – you would surely help out another pregnant woman yourself. Your karma is clear. 

Don’t go overboard 

Designing and building your baby’s nursery and buying cute outfits is fun and all but don’t let it go to your head. Truthfully, this is all for you – he isn’t going to take notice of those adorable alphabet blocks spelling out his name or his amazing designer onesie that he is wearing, therefore, it’s best to not overspend. Remember that all a baby really needs is basic clothing, diapers, comfortable shelter, food, and of course you! Save the money for when your kid is older, he’ll appreciate it more then. 

Make yourself feel good

Sometimes pregnancy can take a severe damper on your mood and self-esteem. Invest in some comfortable maternity clothing that you feel beautiful in, get a new hairstyle, get your nails done, and take the time to self-care. Read more on self-care

Take pride in your bump

It is always changing so revel in your baby bump throughout your whole pregnancy. Document this memorable moment in your life by looking into maternity photography – that way the bump will last forever. 

Treat yourself

Get a relaxing massage to ease your muscles and back pain. A bonus of prenatal massages is that they help you develop more sensory awareness and this aids in a smoother labour. Give in to your cravings, whatever they may be. Lay on the sofa all day watching your favourite Netflix show. You are pregnant – you deserve to be treated. 

Start planning

You can reduce the stress that comes when your due date is nearing by having a labour plan in place well before you are due. Ask yourself do you want a water bath, home birth, hospital birth? Who do you want in the room? What will you pack in your hospital bag

Change your hair

Changing hormones makes your hair thick and luscious. Make the most of this by maybe braiding your hair a certain way, getting a new cut (especially if you have long hair, shorter will be so much easier in the coming months), or dying your hair that colour you always wanted to – then have a romantic night out for dinner (just don’t drink the wine!)

Gain knowledge 

Being knowledgeable is the most powerful tool when it comes to having an easy pregnancy. Attend your antenatal classes and consult with your doctor or midwife if you have any burning questions. 

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