9 Budgeting Hacks for a Dream Family Holiday (ad)

9 Budgeting Hacks to Help You Pull Off That Dream Family Holiday

Dream holidays can be ruinously expensive, but if you want to make some wonderful memories, it’s worth splurging on at least one amazing trip somewhere fantastic. In this article, we have some great tips to help you save up for a vacation of a lifetime. 

Devise a Budget

It’s impossible to save if you have no clue what leaves your bank account each month. Go through your statements and see what you spend, and what you could easily stop spending on. For example, if you pay for a gym membership you never use, cancel it. The same applies to a subscription box you don’t need.

Look for Coupon Deals

Coupons are a quick and easy way to save money on groceries, beauty products, pet food, and more. There are many different categories of coupon deals, so use a sight that trawls the internet for all the best offers. It will save you time and money. 

Round-Up Your Spending

Each time you spend some money on your card, round up the amount and put the difference in a savings account. Because the amounts are so small, you won’t notice them and before long, you could have a reasonable nest egg sitting in a savings account. 

Set Up a Money Transfer on Pay Day

The best way to move money from a checking account into a savings account is to do it on payday. You won’t miss the money if it leaves your account at the same time as your wages arrive. Try it and see!

Make Your Own Lunch

Add up how much you spend on food and drinks while you’re at the office. We bet it’s a significant amount over the course of a month. A coffee here and a donut there all add up. This is a good place to make savings. Instead of buying coffee and a sandwich at lunchtime, make a packed lunch and fill a flask with coffee or switch to tap water in a bottle. 

Cut Out the Junk Food

Junk food is horribly expensive. Every time you succumb to a burger or takeaway pizza, you are spending more than you need to, on food that is bad for you. Sure, the kids love a burger or three, but if you remind them you are saving up for a dream holiday, they might not care if they have home-cooked pasta instead of McDonald’s.

Switch to a Veggie Diet (temporarily)

Meat is a great source of protein, but it’s also a lot more expensive than a plate of veggies. We’re not suggesting you become a full-on vegan but cutting back on the quantity of meat you consume as a family will definitely save you money on your grocery bill.  Buy seasonal vegetables and fruit from local markets. They are healthier than a plate of meat – and cheaper!

Sell Old Clothing, Toys, Books, and Games

Have a clear-out and see if there is anything you can sell online or via a garage sale. Clothing, games, toys and books all have a value. It might not be much per item, but when you add it all up, a sale could net you a couple of hundred dollars. 

Take on a Side Gig

Look at ways to earn some extra money while you save up. The kids can deliver newspapers or wash cars for their neighbors. You could pick up some online work if you have skills that are in demand, or you could become a Lyft driver in the evenings. Be open to ideas and willing to try anything. Even if you only work a few extra shifts here and here, it all helps. 

Let us know how you get on!

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