A day out in Devizes

We didn’t let the rain put us off when we woke up at the Devizes Camping and Caravanning Site just outside Devizes a few weeks ago.  This was, after all, our first weekend away in Betty the Bus and we planned to make the most of it.   The original plan was to wander the tow path into Devizes, have some lunch and then wander back again.    But then we were told that it was three miles and uphill.   We did that look between us that clearly said “sod that” because Jason, the campsite manager instantly said “or you could get the bus from the stop at the top of the lane.  Goes into Devizes and then you can walk back.  Downhill”.


Except in true Barrow style despite setting out with the best of intentions we got sidetracked by three pubs rain poor planning , so after exploring the town we then got the bus back to the camp site too.   A bargain at £6 for the round trip.  The locks will have to wait for a sunnier day.

The campsite was the ideal location for doing all of the above, right on the Avon and Kennet Canal, you can walk to the Caen Hill locks (29 of them in a two mile stretch), wander half a mile to a pub, or stop off at the pub at the top of the lane.  Or of course get the bus.     For a first foray into motorhoming it couldn’t have been any more ideal a spot.

Did I mention the fish and chips delivery?!  Did I?!  We didn’t try this out because we wanted to try out all the bits on the bus but we will definitely be trying this out next time.

Anyway, Devizes.  It was a lovely little market town with a good mix of independent shops and the usual high street local.  Plus a fabulous museum with a huge array of exhibits found in the local area (Stonehenge is on the door step so this part of the country has an extraordinary amount of history).

Favourite amongst them all was definitely Tea Inc, a tea shop in the area known as The Ginnel with an incredible tea menu, alongside home made cakes and gluten free treats.  We could have spent all day in here, dodging the rain.

A town steeped in history you can follow the trail to make sure you see all of the important spots.  Obviously we didn’t do that because we are idiots but we did make sure we stopped and read the signs we passed.

And if anybody would like to explain how this road got its name, I am all ears:

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  • “We didn’t do that because we’re idiots” is, quite probably, one of my favourite lines in a blog – EVER! Sums up one of the reasons why I love you Barrow! Your honesty xxx