It’s my birthday!

Well not mine, not T’s …. that is August.   But MummyBarrow’s.     This month this blog is a whole year old.   Can you believe it?

No, nor can I really.

What started as a tweet from SuperAmazingMum  saying “you really should blog” has become this big “thing” that I think about alot.  That I am actually quite proud of.   That I now have the above diary for.   So I can plan what I am going to say and when.    Not the random rants that appear from nowhere (well usually starting as something I have read in the Daily Mail) but the reviews and bits I am asked to write.   If I don’t keep track of them I forget.   So, sad individual that I am, I now use the above just for my blog.

This was my first post:  So this is it .  Just a couple of paragraphs and mention of 600 followers on Twitter.   I only ever really intended for my blog to be a place for me to get stuff out of my head.

We are now at over 250 blog posts

Nearly 1000 comments

Over 30,000 page views a month

Some posts have had over 4000 hits.

Nearly 3000 followers on Twitter

I find those figures extraordinary and I have to pinch myself every time I think about it.   Every time somebody else subscribes.   When I get an email about a comment.  Or when I see a link retweeted on Twitter.   It never ceases to make me smile!

I have blogged on everything from an open letter to the conman that scammed my granny (a conman who, incidentally, is now in prison for a similar offence) to being able to share what happened when, along with Wincey Willis we helped win £10,000 for Harry Moseley with Absolute Radio.

To reviewing books, food and restaurants.   To being offered things for free in return for a review.  Everything from duvets to Microscooters!

To an exciting announcement coming next week that I cannot wait to share with you all.   Something that you can do too, that I think you are going to love.    Something I could never have got involved with were it not for my little blog.

I have been included in weekly round ups of “good reads” for particular posts on both Mumsnet and Britmums.   Me.  Me with a C in English at O level, no A levels and no degree.   Writing and receiving praise for stuff that just comes out of my head.

And finally to being not only nominated for an award, but being shortlisted.   A Brilliance in Blogging award run by Britmums, currently one of 20 shortlisted and maybe, just maybe, to be one of eight finalists who might then go on to win on June 22nd.   That is more than I have ever dared hoped for.

I hate the term “mummy blogger”.   Sorry, but I do.   I am not a mummy blogger, I just happen to be a mum with a blog.   I don’t blog about parenting as such and I never dreamt that anybody would pay attention to me long enough to notice me.  To offer me such things as those duvets and scooters.   Let alone Canvas Holidays who have come forward and sponsored me for my first blogging conference.

So the idea that I have been recognised and could win an award is just extraordinary.     Should you wish to vote for me, you can do so here:


I don’t believe for one minute I will win.  The company of bloggers I am in is amazing.   But I have to at least try!  This won’t be the last you hear of it.  I shall be doing a begging post towards the end of April I expect.   But for now I am trying to be low key about the whole affair.

It just remains for me to say “Thank you” to you.   Yes you.   Don’t look behind you, I am talking to you.    Without you I wouldn’t be here.

And who knows where “here” will be in 2013.   I do hope you are going to stick with me.

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  • Congratulations T xxx

    You’ve really inspired me to work harder at my own sadly neglected blog. Expect more random baking, maths and physics thoughts soon! *hugs*

  • Congrats! That’s heaps more than I could ever do.
    Look forward to the second anniversary.

  • Congratulations! A C in English? Could have fooled me, your posts read very easily, which is what it’s all about in the end – communication. You do that expertly. Well done for all you have achieved and best of luck with all that is still to come! Makes me feel quite insignificant with my puny blog, lol, but then, mine serves a different purpose than yours, so it’s fine 😉 Good luck also for the ‘A Brilliance in Blogging Award’, and enjoy! But don’t forget to keep writing, I have only recently found your blog and find it quite inspirational. xx

  • I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you listened to me!! I love your blog and very much hope you get the recognition you deserve

    Love you xxx

  • I said Happy Burpday on Twitter, but not here, so here you are. Hope The Blog had a brill birthday and will have many more to come 🙂