The Gallery — At Peace


Peace.   It doesn’t happen very often, certainly not at home.   Me, Mr B, three children, seven telephones, three TV’s, various gadgets and gizmos that all bong and bing with every new interaction with the outside world.   Dishwashers, tumble drier, washing machine, doors slamming, dog barking…. there is a constant hum at home.

Which is why holidays are such a welcome break.   Holiday and whilst there is little silence, there is often peace.

And peace being the theme of this week’s Gallery.    This reminder of twenty minutes last year sprang to mind. (and actually other than three in the morning this might be the last time we had any peace!).

Mr B and I dragged our deck chairs out into the Caribbean to watch the sun set with our beers.

Unfortunately the sun setting means you can easily mis-judge what the sea is doing and five minutes later, this happened:


An expletive may have shattered the peace at that point.   Oh well.  It was good whilst it lasted!!

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  • Ha ha! That’s great and at least it was the Caribbean and not the English Channel – not sure you’d have been sitting there quite as calmly if it had been 🙂

  • Ahhh sunset in the Carribean – how wonderful. I remember being there once, many many moons ago and seeing the sky turn shades of green and red and orange as the sun started to set – how truly wonderful to sit with your toes in the ocean and watch that happen!

  • That looks lovely – even getting wet. I love the sea anywhere but a warm sea is definitely attractive. I love that while you were enjoying your 20 minutes peace someone (a child?) was photographing you getting wet!