Cocochi candles (AD)

If you know anything about me you will know I love a back story which is why I love Cocochi Candles.

With all the gins in my collection I know a bit about either the reason it came to being, or something about the distiller.  Products only come to exist because somebody decided to make it happen.  It doesn’t matter if that is a gin, a candle, a piece of tech, somebody somewhere had the idea and ran with it.  All that differs is how many people are on the team that did that and how much it cost.  But at the core was a passion, and without a passion there is rarely a business.  It is that passion that I like to get to know as I get to know a product, often going out of my way to research it and to find out more.

So when Cocochi asked me if I would like to try out one of their candles I jumped at the chance.  Not because I love beautiful candles but because their story really struck a chord.   I didn’t know about them initially but I did a quick Google (other search engines are available)  to find out who they were.   The name itself comes from nicknames of the founders spouses who had both sadly passed away, creating something with which to remember them both this is also a way of keeping their memory alive.  I couldn’t love the idea more.

Smells can evoke such memories in people, reminding them of long forgotten memories.  My mum used to wear Chanel No 5 a lot and whenever my children catch a waft on somebody else it reminds them of her.   Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir reminds them of school runs because I would spray it on myself in the car before dropping them off and heading off to work.    I refuse to have pine scented cleaning products in the house because the mere hint of the smell reminds me of school.

I am also a firm believer in having lots of candles dotted about the house and actually lighting them.   We all know people, I am sure, who love to buy smelly candles but don’t like to light them.  I wrote a post a few years ago about how life is too short to dust a smelly candle, and I still firmly believe that ethos.

Cocochi candles are crafted to evoke those same memories (though obviously not the horrible school ones).  Orchard fruits and honeysuckle in the Davana that I chose to conjur up memories of childhood and hedgerows, cloves and patchouli in the Manor candle to remind you of log fires and cold winter’s evenings, Amble is made with cloves, vetivert and cedarwood to remind you of nature and the smell of freshly cut grass.    None of the smells are overpowering and all the candles are made from the highest quality ingredients and are 100% soy wax.  They all come in opaque black jars so not only do they smell beautiful but they look gorgeous too.

Plus they don’t cost the earth at just £18 they would make a perfect present, or a lovely treat for yourself.

I can’t think of a more gorgeous legacy.

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