Brilliant Blogs

Somehow I have managed to be featured under that subject heading in the latest issue of  at home magazine which this month is guest edited by Jo Frost, the parenting guru.

Quite how they found me or thought I would qualify to fit under that heading, I have no idea but I am going with it until I am found out.   I am amongst great company, some of my favourite blogs are amongst the others.

The magazine is available now (though I did have to hunt for it and found it eventually in WH Smiths), and has been available since July 9th.

Brilliant Blogs

Do grab a copy, it’s got lots of fab parenting advice in it.

I bought four copies and then the lovely lady in Smiths said “Ooh is it that good?”  My response was “oh I am in it so i am getting copies for my parents and granny”.    I don’t really know how to do subtle, do I?  Next time I will just nod and say “yes”.

And in other news as we go to press (I have always wanted to say that) it would appear that out of all the entries to a recent cookery competition I have made it into the 20 finalists.  This is the blog post I wrote to enter:  Tuscan Memories and Mr B and I did try and make up for the lack of flair by using authentic Tuscan ingredients.   I am no foodie blogger though, as you can obviously tell.

If I win, the prize is a weekend in Tuscany, coincidentally where Mr B proposed.   It’s a voting compeition (which I hate but hey ho).   So if you fancy dropping me a vote I would love you forever.  And bring you back some Limoncello.   To be honest to just not come last would be a bonus. Memories of school PE and all that.

Tuscany Now Cook Off

Though to be honest, this Tweet is not wrong:


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  • I always thought Richards, C was well over 60. Pleasant enough but just a shade predictable.
    Is the Daily Wail still going? Last time I read one of their pages was on the way home from
    the “chippie”.

    “en passant” I hear that in Glasgow one “McTavish has gained a silver medal in the 100m freestyle
    and will be BREAKING NEW GROUND in the pool soon in the 200m medley relay”. Where does the
    BBC find these presenters!

  • Well done Tanya, I’d have nipped into WH Smiths and bought a copy for everyone I know!
    Good luck with the cookery competition!

  • GET IN! Oh – you did already! 😉 That’s brilliant news! Spreading the Barrow love around the nation x