Ice cream Sunday

hahaha… did you see what I did there?  Did you?  Did you see?  I am so hilarious sometimes.

Ice cream Sunday

Ice cream Sundae


Oh forget it

Anyway.   This is me getting organised and I am actually typing this on Thursday.  Can you believe that?  Some actual thought and planning has gone into this post?  And also to the hilarious title.

You see I have no idea if I am going to have time to do a Silent Sunday before Sunday morning.   I don’t even know what state I will be in as this goes live.  I am hoping I will be asleep in my own bed after two days in London.   But given that I will be spending time with a bunch of reprobates a group of bloggers, well quite frankly anything is possible.

I have decided to share with you the above pic that was drawn for me this week.   LG are running a campaign called #ItsAllPossible and were asking people to tweet what they would like to see at half time during this week’s football matches.   For me it had to be an ice cream van.  So they drew it!



How funny is that?  I love it.   And wished that had happened during the England match on Thursday (this is really odd because at this point I dont know the result.  Maybe an ice cream truck did come on to the pitch!!).

One thing I do know about the match is that I will be watching it at home AND talking about it on social media (mostly in terms of “Is it over yet?”).  So footie on the TV in front of me but I will be face down in my phone chatting to people on Twitter about it.  And probably on Facebook on my Kindle too at some point.    Funnily enough according to the results of a survey by LG recently 96% of us will be doing the same thing.  NINETY SIX PERCENT!!!    That’s amazing.   It’s like being in Brazil with literally millions of Twitter friends.

84% will be wanting to watch it at home which I can totally understand too.   I am not a huge fan of watching matches in pubs.  It is great if it all goes our way but doing the walk of shame home when  your team have lost is never any fun.   So it’s the sofa for us and a cheeky chicken dhansak and some cheap beer from the supermarket.

How about you?  Where will you watch games from now on?  And what would you like to see happen at half time?

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