Things to consider when buying shoes online

Things to consider when buying shoes online

It’s one of the last big “in person only” purchases isn’t it? Somehow clothes from a catalogue or from an online shop has seemed easier, but shoes have always needed a trip to the high street to ensure that they fit properly, havent they?

Apparently not.  It is now possible to buy shoes online and not make a costly mistake.  There are, however, one or two things you should think about before venturing online to buy your next pair of shoes.

Buy from a shop you already know if you can

I would suggest you use a shop you have used in the past as that way you will have a idea on the sizing and how it fits.

Put them on straight away

As soon as they arrive, put them not and see how they feel.

Try them on inside

If you end up having to send them back you want to make sure they are still clean, and not damaged by gravel or grass etc.  Try them on inside.

Check the returns policy

Well worth checking this out before you place your order in case you need to return them for any reason.  For instance, do you need to pay for the postage on returns.  Will they send a courier to pick them up etc.


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