Getting white marks off a table with an iron

Getting ring marks off a table with an iron


When it comes to homehacks this has to be up there in the “bonkers” category.  Along with the one that says you can clean a loo with cheap cola, taps with vinegar, brass with ketchup and get static off your silk trousers with a metal hanger.

What’s the best way to get white marks off a table?

Every time I do it, I sit back and think “how does that actually work!?”  but work it does, and I can’t even remember where I first heard about it.   It pre-dates the internet as I have been doing it for years, pretty much since I have lived in my own houses (and realised I am rubbish about using a coaster).

What is this mystery bonkers hack I hear you ask?  Well thank you for asking.  It is getting rid of those unsightly white ring marks from coffee tables.  With no sanding, no polishing, no expensive was products.  Just a tea towel. And an iron.



An iron

Now I will repeat here:  do not try this on an antique or priceless family heirloom without doing a test on another part of the table first. 

Can you really get white marks off a table with an iron?

I cannot pretend to understand why you can get rid of a heat mark by heating it even more, but honestly, it works.

All you need to do is clean you table first of all, I just use an ever so slightly damp dishcloth, to make sure there is nothing sticky on the table, or any crumbs.

Plug your iron in, and turn off the steam, and leave it on the coolest setting

Then cover the area you need to treat with a clean tea towel.

And simply iron the tea towel.

You might need to go over it a couple of times to make sure the mark has truly gone, but the above photos were taken before and after the video below to prove it really is that simple:

Just be prepared for really funny looks when people ask you what you are doing and you reply “I am ironing the table”.


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  • New to me!
    [Most household tips are though to be fair]
    A way that I have used – honest! – is to take a brazil nut kernel, cut it in half and rub the affected area with the cut side.
    Removes the mark and restores the colour richness.