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Did you know that you should replace your pillows every one to two years? It does depend on the pillows though, but that is a general rule, get rid of it every couple of years. But outside of what are some signs that it might be time to replace your pillows?

You can fold it in half

I didn’t know this until I attended a sleep event a few years ago and the sleep expert told us that if you can fold your pillow in half it needs to be binned. If you fold it in half then it should ping back and it if doesn’t but prefers to stay folded, well put it in the bin

It has lumps in it

Pillows shouldn’t have lumps in them. Or bumps. They should be smooth, regardless of what they are made from. Any lumps, get rid

It smells or has stains on it

Because seriously, why would you want to keep it?

It isn’t doing its job

If you regularly wake up with pain in your neck and shoulders then it could well be your pillow that is causing the problem. Changing your pillow might well alleviate the problem

I wrote a few years ago that one of the things I would love most for Christmas was a lie in and the chance to spend a morning in bed propped up against pillows. Honestly this is still a goal because it just feels like the ultimate luxury for me. Big comfy pillows with crisp white bedding and an endless supply of tea. Heaven.

It is just past it

Be honest, how old is your pillow? If it is two years old, you should really consider changing it sooner rather than later, if you aren’t waking up with a crick in your neck and think it still smells okay. But where do you start with replacing it?

Replacing your pillows

Before replacing your pillows decide what sort of pillow you want, and how you sleep. I like something a little firmer so I love the Bronze Goose Down Surround Pillow from the Fine Bedding Company. The down is ethically sourced and it is beautifully soft but offers comfort and support where you need it most. It is great value for money and is guaranteed to include 90% Goose Down surround, with 85% Goose Feather and 15% Goose down core. Since sleeping with this pillow not once have I woken up with a sore neck!

If your budget allows you might want to consider this bronze goose down pillow , also from the Fine Bedding Company. It comes in a 280 thread count cover and it is the ultimate in luxury. It might be slightly more than you would normally pay for a pillow but oh my word it is like sleeping on a cloud. It is £105 and is the sort of pillow you debate packing with you when you go on holiday. Filled with 90% goose down that is certified as having been ethically sourced you really wont want to be parted from it for too long.

It is also possible to wash both of these pillows so you can keep them in tip top condition, meaning they will last longer and you will get a fabulous night’s sleep for years to come.

The Fine Bedding Company supplied me with two pillows to review in exchange for a mention in a post

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