Clubhouse, all you need to know

What is Clubhouse?

Good question, thanks for asking. Clubhouse is an app (currently only on iOS) that allows you to connect to people and chat. Like actually chat, not type, but chat. Or if they prefer, listen in on others having a chat. That chat might be a morning “let’s smash the week” motivational session, it might be an interview, or it could be an expert sharing some wisdom. The chats you listen to are entirely up to you.

How do I find things on Clubhouse?

When you join up it asks you for your interests and then it shows you things that relate to those interests, allowing you to pick and choose what you then listen in on.

Can I find my friends on Clubhouse?

Of course. They can either tell you their username, or you can search for them. Or you can look through mutual friends follow / following lists and find like minded people that way.

So how does Clubhouse actually work?

Okay, so imagine an actual Clubhouse. Within that building are rooms, with people chatting in them. As in the real world, some are “holding the stage” and chatting openly and freely, others are chipping in every now and again, and then there are people just listening. That is how it works on Clubhouse. Hosts, sometimes with co-hosts, open a room (they can be scheduled in advance so can be regular fixtures) and take the stage. They chat, and then you wander in and listen.

Can I join the chat?

That depends on the hosts to be honest. If the room isn’t hugely busy then absolutely. There is an icon that shows a waving hand, tap this and it shows the host you want to say something and they can then “invite you up to the stage”. You could join a discussion where your favourite celeb is being interviewed, listen for half an hour and then pluck up the courage to ask them a question. If the host acknowledges your request you are then free to chat in realtime to them like never before.

There have even been live auditions held with current cast members acting as judges whilst people have then voted for their favourites over on Twitter. Check out #HamiltonCH in January.

Why is Clubhouse different?

Well for a start nothing is recorded so you can’t scroll back of save the dialogue (of course that doesnt stop people physically recording it so do bear that in mind) but its not like WhatsApp where the entire history is there to see.

You can’t private message people. The idea is you chat, and focus on chatting, it’s a great because whilst you’re doing that you aren’t doing anything else on your phone!

You dont have to commit to a chunk of time, you can sneak into a room, and sneak out again too. There is a “leave quietly” button that means nobody really sees you go (or minds that you have gone).

You can look at people’s profiles, click the links and go and connect with them on other channels, all without leaving the room. Other platforms such as Facebook kick you out if you nip off to do that but Clubhouse doesnt so it’s a nice way to look at other people’s profiles and interests whilst you are in the room.

You can find interests, not just people, and follow things you are interested in. Everything from cities you love, to hobbies, to news, business related topics, or faith. You name it, it is all there.

I love it, how do I join Clubhouse?

Ah, well there is the snag. It is invite only at the moment, so you can join their waiting list (great if you want to get your username before your namesake) or you can hope one of your friends who is on there already offers you an invite to join.

If you do join, please come and say hello. Unsurprisingly I am @mummybarrow over there.

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