Dear Tom and Kate

Ok so you are divorced.

I am sorry about that.   But can we now all ask the media to leave the two of you the hell alone?

Tom, you hugging your daughter is not news.

Kate, you taking your daughter shopping, is not news.

Nor is Suri having a paddy fit because she couldn’t have a puppy.

None of this is news.   50% of marriages end in divorce, yours did.  Big deal.

The Daily Mail side bar of shame is littered with “stories” of the three of you doing “stuff”.   Stuff that any other family is doing.   Please keep yourselves to yourselves now and stop bringing your daughter up in the glare of the media.  She is not a pawn.  We really don’t need to know her every waking move.

And whilst I have your attention can I just say:

PUT YOUR DAUGHTER DOWN.  She is 6.   She can walk.

Look there are pictures of Harper Beckham walking and she is only just over a year:

I thank you



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