Does Katie Price deserve to be bullied

Your best friend appears on your door in floods of tears.   Through snot and more tears she tells you that she has just caught her husband of a year in bed with her friend from uni.  A woman she has known for 20 years.

You are there for her.  You put the kettle on.    You offer to kick the husband in the soft dangly bits.   You offer tissues.  More tea.   Your posh biscuits come out because you know in the past they have made her smile.   And as the afternoon progresses and her tears subside a bit, maybe a gin.  Purely for medicinal purposes.

The following day you check on her as her life unravels.  You are there for her.

Or maybe you go to work and you hear of a colleague’s cousin twice removed who has this flat mate who works with a woman whose sister has just found HER husband in bed with a woman who looks after their dogs when they go on holiday.   You look shocked and say things like “oh my goodness that is awful”.   Or “that poor woman”.

Now take that scenario to social media.

And make one of the women Katie Price.

Now we are in a whole different ball park.   Suddenly Katie Price is a slag.   She deserves it.  She has four children by three different dads.   She has been married three times.

Suddenly we have no sympathy and think this woman deserves to be bullied on line.

This woman has brought this upon herself.

Her husband is not the scumbag.  She is.

Oh and add to that that she is six months pregnant, with an eight month old.    Still that doesn’t deserve sympathy apparently.

She shouldn’t have got pregnant.   It’s her fault this has happened.

What kind of a world do we live in where people find it acceptable to post such utterly vile tweets.    Suggesting it was bound to happen.  It was only a matter of time.   Okay, so maybe some of us thought that.  Hell I even blogged about it when they got married but to tweet her with that NOW?  On the day she finds out her husband is cheating on her?

How utterly heartless do you have to be to do that?  Telling her that cheating on their wives when pregnant is what men do.   Seriously?  Really?  That is what women really say to other women?

The world has gone insane.

I am not particularly a huge fan of Katie Price but I take my hat off to her as a millionaire businesswoman who is bringing up her kids and not doing any harm to you or I.

There is even some suggestion this is a PR stunt.  Please.     We might not agree with her posting it all over Twitter when she found out but the girl was heartbroken and lashing out she certainly wasn’t asking to be abused.

Does Katie Price deserve to be bullied on line?

Does a pregnant woman deserve to be bullied on line?

I bet if I asked a group of people those two questions I would get very different answers.

And that makes me sad.


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  • I totally agree with every single word. I was so mad about this yesterday. I, like you, may not be her biggest fan but she is a very successful business woman and I admire her for her strength.

    Having children is not easy, regardless of who you are.

    Getting divorced is not easy, regardless of who you are.

    Finding your husband in bed with your friend would be soul destroying, regardless of who you are.

    My heart goes out to her.

  • I’m so WITH you. That poor girl. 3 marriages down, and all she clearly wants is to be LOVED. Her past career surely shows us that? Just desperate to be liked & loved. I hate how there’s such a fashion for kicking people when they’re down – like somehow people in the public eye don’t have feelings. I watched “When Corden Met Barlow” the other night and forgot how VILE everyone was to Gary Barlow. Ah – the irony now! But it’s sick. And wrong. And the side to social media I really don’t like 🙁

    • You are so right Katy. And what short memories we have that we have forgotten that after “that” kick in the World Cup the Sun did a dart board with David Beckham’s face in the middle of it. I hate it.

  • Same here; I read a few tweets when I saw she was trending yesterday and my first thought was *rolls eyes* what’s she up to now, what publicity stunt is she pulling this time to grab some attention? And then I started reading the vitriolic tweets and I’ve since read some FB comments – thousands and thousands are published – and there are some very unkind people out there. She has done some ridiculous things in her life and really doesn’t help herself where media attention is concerned. I don’t like her as a celebrity, but I, along with millions of other people who have discussed her business, don’t even know the woman so who the hell are we to judge?! What she shouldn’t have done is broadcasted her dirty linen all over social media – but I’m afraid that’s what fame has done for her – she has an agent and publicist and umpteen staff that are constantly streaming her into the limelight, and it seems all the girl wants in life is to find happiness. Which I guess is what she thought she’d found with that man. I think I’d be more angry with the “best friend” than the husband, because living in a world like they do, I reckon it would only have been a matter of time before divorce was imminent anyway. It can’t be easy living your life the way some of these celebs do.

    CJ x

  • No one should be bullied online or any other ways. People may disagree or not like the way she lives her life, but in no way should people be nasty or bully her. People are such cowards and bitter behind a keyboard.

  • I think more importantly the question to ask is “does ANYONE deserve to be bullied?”
    Let’s be frank, bullying anyone, regardless of who they are, what they’ve done, how much they earn, etc etc etc is disgusting.

    So no, I don’t think she deserves to be bullied, or have disgusting comments and opinions given/made to her.

    It’s a horrible situation to be in and to have experienced. I know I wouldn’t want to experience it.

  • Well said!
    i think it’s awful – I feel so sorry for her, she has made some bad choices but she certainly doesn’t need to be slated for this – what an awful situation to be in yet most of the comments I’ve seen are slagging her off, people seem to forget that she is a person, with feelings.

  • I actually couldn’t believe what I was reading on Facebook and twitter yesterday. A husband sleeps with his wife’s best friend yet the wife is called a slag??! Have I missed something here?

  • Very well said Mrs B. I am not her biggest fan, but none the less she certainly doesn’t deserve the abuse that is being dished out.

  • I really dislike Katie Price. But, you are absolutely correct. No one deserves to be bullied.

  • It is about basic human empathy. I don’t know Katie Price, and I am not a fan of her media persona, but I do know what it is like to have your heart broken, and so do most people. She is a strong person and in time will be fine, but nobody deserves to be treated with such contempt by strangers . I am not a christian, but the whole treat others like you would wish to be treated yourself is one of the moral guidelines I try to live by. So I would like to give her a hug, I am sure she could do with one right now.

  • I’m not a massive fan of Katie Price, and I’m pretty bored of her being ‘news’ – As you know from my tweet yesterday. But I wouldn’t wish this on anyone AND agree with you that if it were anyone else in any other situation the world would be sympathising and offering ice cream or a night on the tiles to drown her sorrows.

  • I missed this, but I am so confused. Celebrity culture and the way we treat celebrities has got really out of hand 🙁

  • I am so out of touch I had no idea that Katie Price was married again or that she is currently the subject of vitriol on twitter. You have put it so simply I don’t know how anyone could disagree – it is appalling to attack anyone on twitter and particularly at a time when they are vulnerable. It really makes me so sad to hear that this is happening again.

  • I heard a man went to prison for 8 weeks due to a vile tweet – let’s hope this is the start of the end of online bullying in this way.

  • No one should be bullied on twitter. No one at all.

    As for KP… Whilst I’m not a fan of her “work” she’s a very astute business woman and no woman deserves to be cheated on, whether they’re pregnant or not.

  • It makes me so sad too T, I first saw an all the tripe about people curing her being PG so soon after having a baby. Well goodness, yes seems to have terrible taste in men an her relationships sadly don’t seem to work out but I’ve never heard a word to say she is not a good parent and frankly who are we to judge her? appalling behaviour. Mich x

  • Nobody deserves to be bullied online. People are far too quick to judge. We need to remind ourselves constantly of our own humanity. xx

  • Does anyone deserve to be bullied? No, not online, not in real life. It’s just not right and for some Twitter trolls and the media to pass judgement on her is out of order. Personally, I think she rushes into marriage a little too quick for my personal liking, but in the end it’s up to her. I think all she wants to be is loved and be happy. Who can blame her for that?

  • Great post, which I totally agree with. I have nothing but sympathy for Katie. How a best friend could do that is beyond me – she’s been betrayed twice. We may not all agree with what she does but to say such awful things is just pure hatred. I saw something on twitter which said Elizabeth Taylor had 7 husbands and is called a legend whereas Katie has 3 husbands and is called a slag. Just highlighted to me the hypocrisy of socal media/press

  • What Ruth said! As a non-famous mother-of-eight-from-three-different-husbands I know how judgemental people can be to that, heavens only knows how hard it is being a celeb on top of that x

  • Well said. People hurl the most awful abuse at celebrities. When called on it they so often say, “Well, she’s chosen to be in the public eye” as if choosing such a career means she (a) no longer has feelings and (b) deserves to be criticised in the most demeaning, humiliating of ways.

  • Although Katie Price is not a person I like or respect I agree with what you say. People are ruthless on social media so this is why we should be very careful with what we share.

  • No-one deserves to be bullied. Of course not. But my main concern is not Katie Price – it’s her children. They’ve had so many “Dads” it’s got to be confusing for them.
    Of course, she’s a woman with some deep-rooted insecurities who just wants to be loved (and I think she’s never got over Peter Andre).
    But seriously, why marry a stripper 8 years your junior, just months after you started dating him? Why marry a cross-dressing cage fighter just as quickly – and be photographed eating his face off in a park with your children just yards away, shortly after you’ve split up from their father?
    I’m not condoning the bullying of Katie. But I’m not gushing with sympathy for her.
    And I wonder why a woman who is so heartbroken over the break-up of her marriage thinks the first thing she should do is go on Twitter and let the public know?
    Let’s all be honest, how many of us would do that? Most of us would turn to our loved ones and try to get our head straight before the news went public.
    Her need for attention sadly means she invites the trolls to attack her. And she views this tragedy as being all about her. I don’t see any concern for the kids.
    The publicity she started on social media might have led to her kids being mocked/bullied at school. Where’s her concern about that?
    I wish Katie would get some help – and learn to take a relationship slowly, keeping her kids out of it until she’s sure it’s going to last.

  • I stay clear of any magazine or paper who write about Katie as I am not a fan of hers.
    I did see this news and I find it all heartbreaking, from my feelings for poor Katie who must be devastated at her discovery to the fact that people feel the need to hurt her even more.
    I find the human race can be incredibly spiteful especially when it’s someone who has done better than them.
    Katie has been dreadfully unlucky in love and I wonder if this is due to her fame and lifestyle too, may the poor woman find some peace in her life.