The Gallery — Faces — Part II

oh ‘eck.   I have managed to escape all prompts for selfies that seem to have been doing the rounds.  That’s not to say I didn’t donate to a cancer charity when the last campaign regarding selfies happened, I just didn’t really want to do the whole “show your face thing”.   And then I remembered something I touched upon last year about mums not being in pictures.  Funnily enough I even mentioned it when I did a Gallery post last year with the same theme (The Gallery Faces — September 2013 ).

As mums we dont like being in the photos, we are mostly happier taking the pictures of our family.   But it almost air brushes us out of our family’s lives.  In years to come when looking at photos, where are we?  Nowhere to be seen as we are behind the lens.   So here you have it.


Full frontal.  No make up.  But in black and white because we all look just a bit better in black and white.


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