#HDYGG — Part II

Just outside our kitchen door is a patch of patio that looks more dull than a dull thing.   The gravel from the drive falls on to it.   The cats sit on it.   The compost box falls over and leaks on to it.   It floods when it rains.   It just generally looks sad.     So when Mr B went shopping recently and came home with a tray of live herb plants (no I have no clue either) I thought that would be a nice place to put them.

Not over in a bed where they would grow and probably be forgotten.  But in pots in my own little kitchen garden.    yes, I can pretend I am living in an enormous country pile with a walled kitchen garden.   Actually I can’t not even my imagination is that good but I can stare at it when the kettle is boiling, and smile.    I was sent some more plants recently by the lovely people at Higgedy Pies who wanted me to grow a salad to go with a pie (more on that later) so they were planted out there too.


Herbs that we might use in cooking, and a whole load of tomato plants that I am hoping will brighten a dull garage wall and also be fun to cook with.

What do you think?



Even in the rain I am loving how cheerful it looks.


Maybe cheerful is too strong a word but it definitely looks better than the alternative!


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  • You can’t go wrong with herbs in pots and it looks like they are getting plenty of water! If you aren’t very green fingered and you have some wall to beautify I would definitely recommend a clematis. Every year ours comes back and looks gorgeous (and that is despite complete neglect and one year when I got a bit over-excited with the secateurs and hacked it to bits).

  • Theres nothing better than dong some cooking and walking out of the kitchen and snipping a few homegrown herbs. Brilliant idea.

  • I love starting to grow herbs on my kitchen window sill, unfortunately when they then have to go outside, I *may* end up neglecting them a little!

  • Love this! I’m about to start doing the same, growing herbs in pots – cannot wait to get started. Rains forced a stop in gardening play this week sadly *booo hisss*

    So, a pie evening yes? You provide the pie and herbage and I’ll bring the vino?

    Thanks for joining in again my green fingered ducky chum xxx

  • LOVE that! Looks gorgeous. I have a herb garden right outside my kitchen window and I alternated herbs with lavender so it looks and smells gorge! Careful you don’t have a comedy moment with that fork mind! *takes off jobs worth hat! xx

  • Nice one, T. Your herbs are looking fabbo – they’ll be lovely big bushes in the summer.

  • I love growing herbs because of the lovely aroma they give off and as always these post inspire me to get out and do something. I feel herbs might be something I can do.

  • I have done a similar thing this year, I watch too many cookery programs where they pop into their (much bigger than mine) gardens to gather a few herbs and I want to be able to do that. My collection isn’t as impressive as yours but I have high hopes for my little garden.

  • Lovely. I only grow herbs that I know will survive (though my neglect) Rosemary, Lavender Thyme, Sage, MINT… Fennel is also working and very pretty. Mint is good for potato salads and Pimms. Herbs are also good for children who like to make potions.
    Best one that we have is the big Curry plant that smells like a takeaway everytime it rains. I would find it very hard to resist messing around with those labels though…heeeheehee!

  • I can’t grow much – everything dies on me! But I think it looks fab and good luck with it x

  • I’ve gone all herby too this spring and I found a lovely lemon-y smelling oregano too, I just have to make myself remember to get some when I’m cooking now!