Five ways to transform your home office

Working from home is, without an ounce of a doubt, a life-changing experience. Finally, you can wave goodbye once and for all the morning stress and the anxiety of getting up at 6 AM so you can get ready to arrive at the office for 9 AM. Working from home means slipping onto your favourite loungewear outfit and getting up at around 8 AM so you can start at 9 AM from your home office. You are not only saving sleep, but you’re also saving a tonne of money on fuel — and seeing how prices are inflating right now, it’s a good thing!

However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Working from home also comes with new challenges, such as feeling tired of your decor and struggling to find motivation or inspiration to work. Does it sound familiar? We’ve got you sorted!

#1. Forget the traditional chair and desk setting

Did you know that people who work from home are more likely to spend more hours sitting than in an office? It’s because you’re less likely to get up for an impromptu chat by the coffee machine or to go out for lunch. Unfortunately, prolonged sitting isn’t healthy for you. So, if you are worried about the health consequences, now’s the best time to switch your chair and desk arrangement. You could try a cycling desk, which lets you cycle while you type. Depending on the kind of job you’re doing, it may not be suitable. If you’ve got a lot of Zoom meetings, for instance, you may not want to cycle through them. Instead, a standing desk could be a better option!

#2. Bring the office outside

Admittedly, not everyone can safely work from the garden, especially knowing how unpredictable the British weather can be. But you can try to get closer to nature to change your horizon. If you’ve got a roof and patio space, you could try relocating on the patio on sunny days. You can use outdoor shade blinds to prevent the unpleasant screen glare. Setting your home office inside the conservatory can also be a great plan as long as you’ve got blinds installed to control sun exposure. 

Alternatively, adding more potted plants to your office could be all you need to improve your indoor air and feel close to nature. 

#3. A fresh coat of paint

What is the best colour for your home office walls? Most people tend to use neutral shades such as cream or grey. But, in reality, bold colours could transform your creativity and inspiration. Try a vibrant green or a delicate pink to refresh your decor.

#4. No more noise

Noise-cancelling headphones can revolutionise your workday. Headphones typically serve one clear purpose: they let you listen to music or calls. But with noise-cancelling ones, you can enjoy your favourite work playlist and, at the same time, block external sounds. It will boost your productivity instantly! 

#5. Try aromatherapy

Scents are powerful. Indeed, the scent of rosemary increases alertness and memory. Using lemon helps you reduce typing errors, and ginger can significantly reduce fatigue. So, why not bring a diffuser into your home office? 

Are you ready to bring your home office to the next level? Hopefully, these tips can help you find your mojo back and enjoy the workday again. 

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