The Gallery — Faces


When I read on Friday that this was the theme of The Gallery this week I thought it would be fun to show you Mr B and I.  Our faces.   Since you don’t get to see them very often.   In fact when I started this blog I was pretty anonymous, and wanted to stay that way.    Not only did I hate having my picture taken but when it was taken I never liked the result.

And then I read an article about mums airbrushing themselves out of their children’s lives by always being the one taking the picture.   Or refusing to be in it.    So I thought “sod it” and made a conscious decision to try and be in more pictures.   I don’t like them but hey, it’s me.

This pic, clearly, was taken on our wedding day.   I think our faces show relief and also happiness.   As we got married at our reception venue the car that brought me to the venue waited.   So after the ceremony and having walked out of the room to the Turtles “Happy Together” we jumped back in the car, with a glass of Champagne each and went for a drive for fifteen minutes.   Just us.  A  chance to say “good morning”.

We came back up the road, to all our guests assembled on the drive, ready with confetti.


And, well, I think our faces say it all, don’t they?

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