The Gallery — Selfie

All the cool kids are doing them apparently.   So it was only a matter of time before “Selfie” became the theme of  The Gallery one week.   And it seems that week is this one.

Which is a coincidence actually.   Because last week when we were on holiday I sat on the stairs one morning and took a selfie.   My kids said “You aren’t taking a selfie are you?”

“Yes, yes I am” I replied.

I hate pictures of myself.  There are very few of them.  And it is the reason why my avatar is the duck.   Me taking a selfie, therefore, was as alien the teens as me running down the street naked.

Which I did not then do, I hasten to add.

But I took this one and was sort of pleased with the results.  It is a “well this really as good as it gets” type pic.   And funnily enough when I was asked for a picture last week to send off for TV project (yes, a thing on TV that was filmed yesterday, eek) this is one of the pics I sent.

Whaddya think?


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