A guest post from my pa in law re delivery of BT Sport

This is a guest post, submitted by my lovely father in law Jim on the failure by BT to sort out their connection to BT Sport.   It is woeful that something so simple should have turned into a farce.

Here is the email I received this week:


Following the strong advertising campaign by BT Sport we decided to take the plunge.

 In the second half of July 2013 my wife made contact and the process started: we requested BT Infinity Option 1 Broadband and BT Sport installation.

 In a letter dated 26th July we were advised:

          New calling plan starts               06AUG

          New Broadband starts               06AUG

          Broadband engineer visit           06AUG        1pm/6pm

          Broadband equipment delivery  02AUG

Yes, two parcels did arrive on the 2nd

Yes, an engineer did arrive on the 6th ca 3pm but what happened?

 We live in Wilmslow, Cheshire in a late 19th century house with cellars and three storeys of accommodation and the fact that our TV is in our living room and our computer is on the first floor appeared to present a huge problem. We dismissed the suggestion that we move the computer to the ground floor and after stating it was a two-man job the engineer packed his tools, cable and fittings back in his van. During discussion we learned he was not allowed to drill through wood but that he would report that two men were needed to complete the work. (We subsequently learned that he had not reported this).

 (Mummy B: Not allowed to drill through wood.  Have you ever heard anything SO ridiculous in all your life?  The homeowner is there, giving you permission but … oh no,  there is clearly some BT Policy Statement that forbids the use of the BT issued drills being used to drill through wood.)

We were then honoured with an appointment for 20th Aug -13.00/1800

But at 10.00 on that day we were ‘phoned from foreign parts cancelling.

 The next appointment was then set for Monday 2nd September 1300/1800 but nobody came and no one telephoned. I then ‘phoned asking for a visit later in the week and received a call on Tuesday 3rd offering a visit on Thursday, Friday or Saturday all 0800/1300. I chose Friday, 6th.

 No joking – no one came, no one ‘phoned. More ‘phone calls revealed a booking for 16th September which was news to us!

So from end-July we’ve had promises of visits on:

          August         2nd


          September   2nd



Our prayer wheels are now on overdrive!

We’ve spent ca 3-4 hours on the ‘phone to BT Sports people and we have a shedfull of apologies both profuse and plain but no access to BT Sports on the screen!

The marketing of the new facility should make Managing Director Mr Warren Buckley very pleased indeed but the “delivery” and “after sales service” has been absolutely pathetic! (My wife has vetoed a four letter word which I had intended to use.)

I had, by now, expected to be “A delighted customer”.



Any comment BT?  This is ridiculous.

Seems to me that your tagline of being “unmissable” is a bit misleading.  It clearly is missable because right now, at a certain house in Wilmslow it is impossible to watch at all.

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  • What an absolute joke. I do hope that he has not been charged for this service too! A heavy apology and discount is in order as well as sorting out the problem. If it were me I think I’d be inclined to change my mind!

    Hope it all gets sorted out.

  • This would make me so angry! Definitely deserves a very heavy discount for time wasted waiting in for engineers to just not turn up! – have to agree I would be considering taking my custom elsewhere now!

    Hope it gets sorted very soon Mummy B’s Pa in law! Xx

  • I’m so glad you spoke up because I imagine there are lots of people up and down the country having similar problems, I for one with EE.
    I sincerely hope you get BT Sport up and running very quickly

  • Hello Jim, How terribly disappointing and frustrating for you. I had the same problems with BT so scooted off to Sky. Their Sports package is a bit expensive but unbeatable – however I took great joy in letting that go with my ex-husband, if you know what I mean! Good luck. Give ’em hell. They don’t deserve your custom, let alone your patience!. .

  • What a nightmare, I really don’t understand why they are unable drill through wood if you give permission. We were thinking of adding BT sports to our current package but given the hassle you have had I don’t think we’ll bother. Clearly they have spent too much on flash advertising campaigns instead of the actual installations.

  • BT are one of the most difficult utilities companies I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I really hope they sort it out and compensate you for wasted time soon.

    I do remember another broadband company attempting to drill through one external wall and two internal walls to install my modem at the back of the house, until I pointed out he could simply run the cable round the side of the house and only go through one wall!

  • What a total farce! Really hope they pull their fingers out and get something sorted for you sharpish, with a huge apology to boot. You’ve definitely got more patience than me – I’d have told them where to stick their drills by now!

  • What a complete farce and so frustrating for you. I do hope they have not charged you anything yet. BT should be very ashamed of such appalling customer service.

  • Bt sport is awful. Watch it on 100mb fibre and it’s going to flop. Watch it on 2mb and it’ll flop too. Even the stream pirates can’t get a decent connection to it for sharing and these are the pros.

    It’ll go the way of itv digital/sport soon. Methinks bt should keep to broadband and upgrading the country to fiber than frittering all their time with new ventures,

  • I hope you’ve asked them how they’re going to be compensating you for your wasted time? I’m pleased that they’ve had the decency to apologise but wood and the need for a drill being an excuse??? The BT Openreach people happily drilled through the brick wall into my house so why is wood an issue? Hopefully they get it sorted for you very soon

  • Thanks everybody. Ridiculous, isnt it? I know your combined frustration will be some comfort to Jim and Lady B. Shame BT probably won’t feel the same but we can but hope

  • It is something that I hear over and over again about BT – great sales but then it can take a ridiculous amount of time before anything is sorted out. I know whenever anyone I know moves house there is dread at how long it will take to set up broadband, phone and tv. Surely it required one visit from someone qualified and capable of doing the job? If only life was that simple! BT certainly don’t seem to want to make things easy for you to pay them for a product!!