Hair chalking


No you shut up

Hair chalking.  Actual chalk in hair.  Yes, it really is a thing.  And how do I know this?  Well because yesterday I got to try it out.

No not on my hair you mad crazy fool.  I am 43.

And, well, I say I got to try it out…. What I actually did was order it on Amazon (other, possibly more tax compliant, websites are available) and then sit and watch as my lovely hairdresser did it to E.

E pronounced earlier this week that she wanted blue highlights.  Now, envisaging some god awful blue rinse incident I said she could only do it if it was done professionally, ie by my hairdresser, Fiona.   And not by her incompetent mother.

“Get some chalk” said Fiona “that is by far the best way of dying hair”

“Excuse me” I said

“Seriously, Google (other, possibly more tax compliant, search engines are available) it”

And so I did.  And two days later a box arrived.   For a tenner, a box of 32 chalks that apparently you can use on your hair.  They are more like blocks of pastels than chalk as you would imgaine chalk to be.

Fiona set about literally rubbing it over sections of E’s hair, just at the ends and then “sealing” it in with straightners.

Er voila

Ten minutes later we had this:


The ends a variety of different colours.

Perfect for teens who might want different coloured hair everyday of the week, and it does no damage to the hair.  It simply washes out the next time they wash their hair.   So no falling foul of any school rules either when that temporary hair dye that lasts six washes (as I had for Red Nose Day) doesn’t come out for three months!



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    • It may have washed out by then but I will bring all the gubbins with me and you can have a play on Sunday. Hoping Mrs Cooke comes over with Sammi this week so we have a play with her hair too!

    • Well the comment below from Hopalong is my gorgeous mother in law. We are going up there at the weekend and shall be trying turquoise on her hair so I say you are never too old for it. Do it and please tag me in some pics. You get single colours for about a Pound. I got a box for a tenner so it is good fun for not much money!

  • That sounds such fun! Ellie looks gorgeous.Think I’d like to go a bit soft grape!

  • ooh I wish we had these when I was a teen! I used cochineal on my hair, my mum used to roll her eyes at the mess I made of the pillowslips. And it dripped down my neck when it rained!

  • I’m going to order these now for my kids! Danny is always asking for green, Rebecca for Pink and Caitlyn for Blue. Izzy would just love to make a mess with all of the colours everywhere! I love the purple! 🙂

  • OMG I want some of these!! Is 32 too old?? I have strawberry blonde hair and the only successful colour change I’ve ever had is to go blonder. As I wear a headscarf now it’s the perfect opportunity to play with my hair and if I end up looking like a crazy extra of kids tv then nobody will ever know and the kids will just think it’s cool ha!

  • 32 is definitely not too old. I know this because I’m 33 and I’m seriously tempted! I’m not sure quite how well it would work on very dark brown hair though so I might have to wait until Kitty is a bit older or I go grey.

  • That’s pretty clever!! My 5 year old would love that. Best I never show it to her, huh?