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It seems kind of appropriate that I chose the picture above for this week’s the theme of “from the archives” for this week’s post on The Gallery.

A photo I found recently whilst rummaging through a drawer.   A picture of Jonnie taken when he was about 18 months old.    It is poignant for a couple of reasons.

One because this week he set off with a bunch of other teenagers for the first trip of his lifetime (I don’t believe in people only having one trip of a lifetime.  I like to think there will be lots) to Kenya for a month.  Below is a pic of how he looks now.  In his cut off Jeans (defying the no Jeans rule) and his Armani t-shirt.   At almost 18.   The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

Shiplake Kenya trip2013


And also because I could never get away with posting this whilst he was in the country.  This way he won’t know I have done it and by the time he gets back it will be buried behind another 20 blog posts.

Shhhhh don’t tell him.


PS how cool that one of the boys on the trip happens to have a rather famous photographer dad who took this amazing pic.   He left Heathrow and went off to photograph J-Lo in Hyde Park on Saturday night.   Photographing me with the other parents was obviously the highlight of his day though

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