Homemade Co Gin Kit — A review

This is the gin kit for you if you have ever wanted to make your own gin but haven’t known where to start.

Making gin is easy, you just put juniper berries in vodka, right?


That’s like saying you can make decent wine by adding a grain of yeast to a bottle of grape juice.

You can’t.

Don’t ask how I know, but suffice to say you don’t live in Saudi Arabia for six years and not learn how make booze in the cupboard under the stairs.

Making your own good gin is hard. And expensive.  You need to either get all your licensing in place to be able to turn ethanol into alcohol and therefore start from scratch with your own still. Or you need to work with a distillery who have already done all of that and ask them to help you make your own blend.    Which is expensive as you are basically buying an entire distillation run of bottled gin, which could be over 80 bottles.   Fine if you know you can sell it, not so fine if you want to just drink it yourself.

But it was the latter option I went for when I decided to make Blogger Gin two years ago.   My lovely “knows everything about gin” friend Adam put me in touch with Alan and Amy at Pin Gin and together we came up with a recipe that worked brilliantly with lemonade (because I don’t drink tonic).  I designed the labels and sorted a bar code (who know that was a legal requirement?) and then I travelled up to Lincolnshire to spend two days making gin.

Time consuming, and expensive, even if I did then sell every bottle within two months (though I didn’t make any money, it was more of a passion project because I wanted to say I had done it).

So what if I told you that you could make one bottle of gin, put your own label on it, and sit down to drink it a couple of days later?

The Homemade Co have made it simple enough for you to do just that with their #GinKit.   For just under £25 the box comes with a beautiful bottle complete with a blank label that you can fill in, juniper berries, a mix of botanicals (orange peel, peppercorns, cardamon pods and coriander seeds), a funnel and a strainer.   All you need to do is buy yourself a small bottle of supermarket vodka.

The Gin Kit all comes beautifully packaged with instructions on what to do so that once made you can sit down to a nice G&T a few days later.   The beauty of gin is that you really don’t need to leave it for very long.  It doesn’t need to age, or be left alone in a quiet room for months or even years.   Once bottled and left to blend for 48 to 72 hours you can sit down and enjoy it straight away.

The botanicals are superb mix (and very similar to those in Blogger Gin, except I used lemon peel not orange) that I am pretty sure everybody who tries it will love.

All you need to do then is work out what to call it!


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