I am not ashamed to beg

I don’t do “beating about the bush” so I am just going to come out with it.

Its been a year since I started blogging and in that time I have blogged about all sorts of things, from things that make me rant (you might want to skip those) to reviews about things I love.   I have also blogged about being a landlord, things that make me laugh, recipes, just about anything really.   You see I don’t class myself as a “mummy blogger”.   In fact I don’t really like that term at all (shhh don’t tell anybody).  I am a mummy and I am a blogger but that does not make me just a “MummyBlogger”.    I don’t blog about being a mum necessarily as I respect the privacy of my children (who are all now teenagers) and know they read my blog, so whilst they might be mentioned in a post, it won’t actually be about a parenting issue.

I blog about all sorts of things and therefore think I have a “foot in many camps”.

In June this year I will be attending my first blogging conference, a two day event in June, being run by an amazing organisation called Britmums.

I have bought my ticket, at the Early Bird rate of £50 and have booked a hotel room for the Friday night, at a cost of £100.   And here is where you might come in.

I would love to be sponsored by a company who would reimburse those costs and in return get me plugging about them like a loon.  Might that be you, or somebody you know?

Could I be your Ambassador?

For that £150 (cost of the ticket and one night’s accomodation, I am not asking for travel costs or the Saturday night hotel room as the conference is Friday and Saturday) I am offering to:

  • write a review about your company in the run up to the event.
  • tweet about your company or product to my 2300+ followers, both in the run up to the event and afterwards.
  • I will include your company name on Tweets I send from the event (there will be many) with a # of your chosing.  I like to Tweet.  I mean, really like to Tweet.
  • Put a badge on my blog linking to your website.
  • Take samples along to the conference and promote the company as much as I can with fellow bloggers and speakers.  (should you have a product)
  • You will be the only company I promote.
  • I will include your logo on my “blogger business cards”
  • Talk about you will fellow bloggers at the event.

I have only been blogging  for a year.   In that time I feel I have gained a loyal, if slightly mad, following     Most of my blog posts have upwards of 800 views, many getting 1200 and regularly receive comments so feel that people are involved.   For me blogging really is a two way process.

I know from Tweets I have received when I have reveiwed Thinking Slimmer and various books recently, that readers have gone on to buy those products.    Maybe I can do the same for you.

I would love to use this as the start of  a relationship with a brand.    Who knows where this might lead!

My email is mummybarrow@hotmail.com or contact me via Twitter: @mummybarrow

<insert picture of sunset as we walk off into it together>



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