Food and Drink Week — Part III — Lindeman’s Wine

When we were approached by Lindeman’s wine and asked if we would like to be one of their #SunshineAmbassadors following our meeting them at Britmums, we couldn’t be happier.   Because, well, you might not know this, but we do like a small glass of wine of an evening.   I know I know, that has come as a shock to you I am sure.    As will the knowledge that the day my parents sold their 80 hectare vineyard just outside Bordeaux I sobbed actual big fat tears.    Yes, dear reader, we do know about wine beyond just how to tip it down our throats.

We appreciate wine and have been lucky enough to try some of the most incredible wines ever made.  Lest we forget the bottle of Chateau d’ Yquem we had at Christmas that was accompanied by the teens exclaiming “this bottle is worth more than my car”.   Yes it is.  Now tell me you hate it so we can share it round a bit more.


But I digress.

Of course, we can’t enjoy wines like that everyday, they are something special.   But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy wines that are better than your average bottle of plonk on a regular basis without breaking the budget.

Which is where Lindeman’s come in.   They have been making wine since Henry Lindeman first put a vine into Australian Soil in the mid 1800s.   Since then they have continued to make fabulous wines that have won more awards than you can shake a corkscrew at.

The majority of Lindeman’s wine are in an affordable price bracket, around the £6 to £8 mark so they can be enjoyed without worrying that it is going to break the bank, or feeling guilty.

Or that you can’t open a second one.  <ahem>

We cracked open a bottle of the 2013 Bin 65 last night with chicken fajitas.   Now I have to say here that I am not a huge fan of Chardonnay, as a rule, especially when made in oak barrels.  It can often be too “heavy” and taste too much of the oak.   This however, was great.  Really light and crisp when straight from the fridge.   And when I took the first sniff it reminded me of ripping the lid off a fruit salad from M&S.    As it warmed up the flavours really did start to come through and by the end of it, tasted very different from the first mouthful.


I thought it was a cracking bottle of wine and I can see why the 2012 won awards at various wine and spirit shows!

Lindeman’s tag line of 1000 hours of sunshine in every drop really is true.  The sun came out just as I opened the bottle, it was almost uncanny.   You can imagine you are in Australia whilst drinking it and not watching that ominous black cloud on the horizon wondering if it will hit before you get to the end of the glass.

Talking of glasses, how is this for a perfect glass?  You can genuinely say “I am only having one glass tonight”.  I spotted this on Prezzybox’s Instagram and declared that I had to have one in my life, so they kindly sent me one.  Isn’t it great?   Available on their website for just under fifteen quid.    I think it is fabulous.


That’s the Lindeman’s Sauvignon Blanc which we shall be enjoying tonight with a chicken risotto.  I will tell you all about that one next week, along with the Shiraz which we really enjoyed at Britmums, and I don’t drink a lot of red.


Day three of Food and Drink week, coffee and the SodaStream so far this week, tomorrow it’s all about campfires and s’mores with chocolate sauce!

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