International Tea Day


International Tea Day

If ever a day had my name on it, it was today.

And International Waffle Day

And Cheesecake

And Cake

You get the picture.

But tea is my favourite drink and would definitely be my luxury if I ever find myself in front of Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs, so International Tea Day has to be marked.  Secretly I want to be a tea guru.  To be able to wax lyrical about tea as people do about wine.  To really understand its history and origins and be able to pick out my Lapsang from my Oolong.   In the meantime I just drink the stuff.

Alot of the stuff so thought I would share some tea inspired stuff from our house.

The sign above was one I found in TX Maxx last year and just had to have it.  It pretty much sums things up for me.  I have long believed that bombs won’t fix what is going on in the middle east, sitting down with a cup of a tea and a Victoria sandwich cake would.

Next up is my tea box that I bought from the gift shop at the end of the road.  I was actually out buying birthday presents for somebody else but when I saw this I couldn’t ignore it.    It sits on the work top in the kitchen and I have forgotten what is in each compartment.  I tend to do a blend of them randomly because they all work so well together.

Tea Box

The box also featured in this post when I first got a stack of tea caddies and emptied them all into it, and then set about making a herb garden on the window sill with the caddies.

Growing herbs in a tea caddy

However if I only want a mug of tea or want to show off, it’s the lovely little diffuser that Whittard sent me a while ago with a selection of teas to try out from their new Signature Collection range.   The range includes blends sourced from the world’s most renowned growing regions.  Each one is presented in newly designed heritage packaging featuring Whittard’s Camellia sinesis tea plant illustration.

Whittards Tea

Last and by no means least in any round up of tea related items has to come our Sage Appliances tea maker.  We have had it for nearly two years now and it is still going strong.   It gets used every day and has never let me down.  If you know anybody who loves tea half as much as me, then do them a favour and buy them one for Christmas, they will adore you forever.

Now if you will excuse me, time for a brew.

Happy International Tea Day!!

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  • Do try not to mistake your Lapsang from your Oolong!
    Several people oop North have been seriously
    There really is no excuse. SO CONCENTRATE!