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The Sproutman

It’s been a funny old week.   In amongst the usual emails and life at Barrow Towers there have been two stand out moments.  One involves a trip on January, the other involved sprouts.  Talk about two ends of the surreal spectrum.

If you follow me on Social Media you will have seen me talking about sprouts this weekend, and in particular #SproutMovies.  Why you might ask.  It is a very good question.  In a nutshell “because I was asked”.   Asked in fact by Sky Movies who feature a little chap called Russ in their adverts over the festive period.

To tie in with that they have asked some bloggers to come up with their own sprout inspired movies and share them on social media.

Well you know me, and if I am asked to do something I like to do it properly.   Which involved going to the local toy shop to buy some props

Can I help

I am looking for some props for a film I have to make

Ok, no problem what sort of props and what sort of film do you have to make.  

Ummm a film where sprouts are in the lead role, to tie in with Sky Movies and we are going to do a recreation of The Snowman


Right, okay then

Yet more proof in the local community that I am in fact slightly mad, though we did walk out 20 minutes later with a dolls house and various other bits and pieces to get us started.

What I hadn’t banked on was just how hard animation would be.   All credit for this film goes to my son Jonnie who painstakingly took 1000 photographs after we had moved each of the characters a fraction of an inch and then set about editing it all together.   I am not kidding when I say it took two days.

And we now have fake snow throughout the whole house.

First of all though here are some of our behind the scenes shots

#SproutMovies Sproutman

Let it snow you say….   Ellie makes it snow

Let it snow

We couldn’t quite work out how to make the motorbike fly as it does in the real version but you get the idea.


And here is the end scene <sniff>

The End #SproutMovies

Before I show you our finished version, a little note to tell you that Sky Movies would love you to get involved too and you could win prizes by doing so!


Now get your popcorn, turn off the lights, get comfy and watch our version of The Snowman

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: The Sproutman

<hums Aled Jones into the sunset>


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