Karcher K4 Compact Home — Review

.Karcher K4 Compact Home Review

Karcher K4 Compact Review

Buying a new pressure washer can be a bit of a head scratching moment, there are so many to choose from, where do you actually start?  Well I would suggest the Karcher K4 would be a very good place to start.

Is the Karcher K4 any good?

Well hey say a picture paints a thousand words so I am going to let you see for yourself just how awesome this machine really is:


That took no effort at all and less than five minutes.

I have had that sun dial for 13 years.  It was a house warming present from my parents when I moved into my house, post divorce,  and I remember making sure we found the perfect spot for it when Mr B and I moved out of that house and into this one.    And as much as I love it for all that it symbolises it had never occurred to me to clean it.

Until now.   And now it looks brand new.

Is the Karcher K4 good enough to clean a patio?

Again, if a picture paints a thousand words, here is a video that shows you just how well the Karcher K4 cleans a patio.

And then a quick jet wash to blow away the dirty water and you are left with this:

Patio cleaned with Karcher

Ten years that patio has been untouched and we didn’t think it looked too bad. I know that sounds ridiculous given the difference but it just looked as we assumed a ten year old patio would.   Weathered.   Much like myself.

We had no idea that in less than an hour and without the need for any elbow grease it could look like that.

Karcher K4 specifications

Whether you are looking to clean your patio, car, wheelie bin, garden furniture, fencing and many other applications, the new full control system can help you find the right pressure setting, ensuring an optimal clean. Simply choose the correct spray lance, based on the surface you wish to clean, using the surface symbols on the spray lances as guides. Once you have chosen the lance you wish to use, simple twist the vario lance to find the correct pressure setting, guided by the LED display on the trigger gun. This new system will help you achieve the best possible clean for your home. This K 4 model is perfect for tackling medium sized patios and cars and yet powerful enough to tackle tough dirt. With it’s long-life water-cooled motor, this model comes with a 3 year warranty. This pressure washer comes with a dirt blaster spray lance and a vario power spray lance.

In a nutshell, it hooks up to your garden hose or even water butt, has various attachments so that it is possible to do all you would need to in the garden, from larger areas (as seen in the video above) to the nozzle for cleaning the grouting etc.

Retails around £190 and is available from lots of online retailers and places such as Argos.


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