Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024

Still stuck for a gift idea for Mother’s Day this year, well here is my Mother’s Day gift guide for 2024 with a few ideas that I hope might help.

These items have been sent for inclusion in this post and passed on to a few people I thought could use a boost.

First of all:

The gift of books

Who doesn’t love an afternoon curled up with a book? I think any of these would be well received. The top two are from Kew Libraries and form part of the “Kew Pocketbook” range. There are fifteen volumes to choose from, each giving a gorgeous insight into a range of species, from Palms and Cacti to Houseplants and Wildflowers. The pocketbooks are under £10 each and are a must for any gardener!. You can see the whole range here: Kew’s Online Gift Shop

Lorraine Kelly’s book is her first novel and is a proper page turner. It’s an easy read, and pure escapism. Based in Orkney it will make you want to book a trip there. And take up wild swimming! The Island Swimmer is £10 on Amazon.

I have talked before about Armistead Maupin and my love of his books. I implore you to buy them all if your mum hasn’t read them, start from the beginning and then buy one for each subsequent birthday or christmas. Thank me later

Lighthouse clothing

This was a new brand to me as I hadn’t heard of them before but their website is packed with beautiful clothing. They are all designed in Northern Island and come with a simple purpose, to be practical but also to be stylish. They totally embrace the ethos that there is no such thing as bad weather but bad clothing. So everything on their website will make sure you can still have fun and stay warm and dry even if the weather changes. They do free delivery when you spend more than £35, and also free returns within 30 days. The clothing is beautifully made and this fleece is not only warm but also waterproof! There are lots of things for men, women and children and there is also an offer of £10 off your first order if you are quick. Check them out here: Lighthouse Clothing

Wassen’s Beauty and Collagen

The benefits of collagen are well known and there are now a multitude of products that feature this supplement. So much so it can be a bit of a minefield trying to check the credentials but Wassen make that very easy and keep it super simple. Their product is a drinkable powder that can be added to a glass of water. Boosted with 1000mg of highly researched Vollagen®, plus premium botanicals including Green Tea and Bamboo Extract, plus 11 vitamins and minerals, Wassen Beauty + Collagen is packed with goodness for hair, skin and nails. A box of 14 sachets is £17.99 and is available here.


LoveRaw make vegan chocolate that tastes just like chocolate, in fact I defy you to taste the difference (obviously if you are used to eating chocolate, I am not suggesting anybody with a lactose intolerance starts eating chocolate to prove me wrong!). Their bars retail for around £12 for a box of six and come in a variety of flavours. You can chose from Caramalised Biscuit Cre*m, Peanut Caramel Bars, Salted Caramel Bars, or gift boxes. The Nutty Choc Balls are absolutely superb and are very similar to Ferrero Rocher but oh so much better.

Josh Wood hair products

I have followed Josh Wood online for years and whilst I could never afford to visit him in person it is fabulous to know I can invite him to my house to look after my hair! The Care Bundle Kit for dry and damaged hair retails for £45 and contains sulphate free cleansing and conditioning care packed with natural active ingredients and their signature Colour Shine Complex of Quinoa Extract, Green Walnut and UV filters. Hair is left feeling smoother and softer, flyaways are tamed and vibrant, glossy colour is locked in. If your mum uses hair dryers or straighteners on her hair then this will make a huge difference after just a few washes.

Sterling Silver Fidget Spinner Band

This ring is beautifully made by TJC and retails for under £23. It takes its inspiration from the Tibetan meditation practice where spinning the prayer wheel is believed to bring a calming effect on the mind and body. I have wanted to have one of these for a while and this is something you mum could wear everyday alongside her other jewellery.

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