Now I have a food blog

Did you not know?

Yes, something incredible happened this week.

I was included on the list of food blogs that Sainsburys reckon are worth a read

Me on a food blog list!  Me, who once said wearily “I can’t cook” to which J replied “yes you can mum……. just not very well”.

Me who has a beautiful cross stitch done by the lovely Lady Barrow that says “Dinner will be served when the smoke alarm goes off”

So to celebrate this I thought I would share with you a recipe that we developed at Barrow Towers.

A very simple recipe, with only two ingredients.   Yes.   Two.   AND THERE IS NO WASHING UP

A recipe that produces a hot dinner you can serve the whole family.

First of all, go to Sainsburys (where else?) and buy this:

Next, put it in a saucepan and heat it up for three minutes.

Then into two bowls pour:


Tip the hot carbonara over the chip shop chips

Et voila:

Chips carbonara

Add black pepper to taste should you wish.

Why are you pulling that face?

I am telling you, it works

Stay tuned for more exciting recipes from Barrow Towers over coming weeks.



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  • Now I see what you mean my lovely – I hadn’t spotted your foodie posts, clearly this is what we need to be doing over at Chez Neale too. I have failed at pretty much everything food related, ever. Never posted on food, except once when I pointed out all good business women need chocolate…and that doesn’t count! Am loving it 🙂