Ranty Friday — Armageddon


Well is Armageddon happening today or not?

I can’t be doing with all this uncertainty to be honest.   I need specifics that I can deal with.   If it is, it is.  That is fine.   But all this faffing around with “is it, isn’t it” is starting to do my head in quite frankly.

For a start off, what time is this thing meant to be kicking off?  I have heard 11.11am.   Is that our time?  Or is that Mayan time in MayanLand (that sounds like a great name for a theme park.    but I digress).    New Zealand have gone past 11.11am and seem to be okay so I am assuming it GMT.   Which means their world is going to end on 22nd but in America it will still be 20th.

Let’s assume that it is IS 11.11am in the UK.  Which means it will be right in the middle of my hair cut.  Great.  I am going to die with wonky hair (quite the dye jokes).   And whilst wearing one of those really unattractive black nylon capes with a rubber shoulder cover.

Marvellous.  This really isn’t how I envisaged it all ending to be brutally honest.

And is the world just going to end like when the electricity meter runs out of credit?  Or is it going to be like when BBC1 used to shut down and the National Anthem was played before we got a white dot?  (yes kids TV used end at midnight and was only on three channels).   Or is it going to sweep across through all these time zones like a big tidal wave?   Like when your mum goes through house turning off all the switches before bed?

There is a four litre jug of milk in the fridge.  Do I drink it all now?  Make rice pudding with it? What happens then if the world doesn’t end and I want a cup of tea?

Details, I need details.

I am also beginning to regret being so organised with my Christmas shopping.   The majority of presents are now bought and wrapped and are in gift bags under the tree.   What was the point of that?  That was a complete waste of money, wasn’t it?  So do I now break open the chocolate gifts and eat them?

But then what happens if the world doesn’t end at 11.11?

 I will have a pile of wrappers on the floor, need to go shopping again and will be spending the afternoon being sick.

With nice hair.

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  • You have made me smile, my grandad would hate the tv these days as he went to bed when that white disappeared 🙂 x

  • To quote someone who should be in the know

    “We’re all in this together!”

    It’s going to be crowded, messy and very very NOISY!

  • This made me chuckle. I think I have said all of the above at least once.

    My main issue was whether or not to spend everything in my bank account whilst out shopping yesterday. Luckily I didn’t because it’s now 18:54pm and I’m still alive.

  • What a great post, it did make me smile, I’m glad the world didn’t end as I retired on Wednesday. What a bummer if I had had only a two day retirement. I plan to have some fun now :0)