Ranty Friday — Revels

I can hardly believe I am starting a rant about chocolates but rant I shall, for this is Ranty Friday.

This week I treated myself (I wish Treats would come back.  If only so I can tell my joke:  How do you get a peanut out of your ear?  Pour in chocolate and it comes out a Treat.   That joke doesn’t work with M&Ms)  to a bag of Revels.  I was in Tesco buying Minstrels for Mr B as the bag he bought me appeared to only have two in it <cough> and I spotted a bag of Revels.    Feeling low as my foot was killing me I thought I would have a bag, a bottle of 7-up (diet, of course in light of teh chocolate purchases) and a sneaky read of Heat magazine before E got out of school.

So there I was, munching away.  Idly throwing them in my mouth when what happens?

The unthinkable that’s what.

Something is in my mouth that makes me shudder.  That makes me gag and spit it out into my hand.  What is that?  Is it something that has got into the bag by mistake?  Some foreign body sneaking in during the manufacturing process?


It is a sodding raisin.

What in God’s name is that doing in my bag of Revels?  It has to be a mistake.

But no.  It is not.  I check the back of the bag and it lists the different Revels;








Now I hate coffee but in a bag of Revels I will accept the coffee ones.  I will not, however, accept raisins.


Where has the nut one gone?  Or the coconut?  Or even the strawberry.

What the hell is this raisin doing in there?

And another thing I am ranting about with Revels.  I Googled them to check some facts and found they have their own website:  Revels.  You have to be 12 to enter the website.  Why?  What the heck are they talking about that a website devoted to chocolate has an age criteria?

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  • I HATE raisins, and finding them in Revel packets has put me off buying them! I don’t even mind the coffee ones, but raisins?! I think we should start a campaign?

  • Maybe I’m weird but I love chocolate raisins, but only when I expect them. There should be no surprises in food, unless it’s a Kinder egg, otherwise I want to know what I’m putting in my mouth, a bag of Revels is my foodie nightmare!

  • Chocolates aren’t what they used to be! And why do they keep changing the names? And also, why do most chocolate bars seem so much smaller these days?

    CJ x

  • Didnt they always have raisin ones?
    I love the coffee ones!
    I only eat raisins if they are covered in chocolate. Otherwise they look like dead flies who’ve had their wings ripped off. Uck!
    I think they took the nut one out because of nut allergies? But then surely if you have a nut allergy you don’t take the risk and buy something that has nuts in?!

    • Nope, not originally.

      The had coconut ones before that were lovely.

      AND exactly that about the nut ones. If you have an allergy dont buy them!

  • UGH! I’m guessing they’re now sticking raisins in there as they’re cheaper! EVIL raisins!

  • Now, I would have been quite happy with the raisins. Love a bag of M&S belgium chocolate covered raisings. I’m not a big fan of Revels. I don’t like playing russian roulette with my chocolate eating.

  • Yes. Yes. And Yes! Raisin should be banished from candy. WAAAYY to nutritious. It would be like putting lettuce in pudding!

    p.s. I’m linking up the RIGHT RANT this week! 🙂

  • Hilarious!!! Revels are my bag of choice at the cinema… Except the Mr gets handed all the toffee ones – even half eaten!! :-/ and I’m with you on the raisins!! Dear lord – there are enough raisins in the bottom of my mummy bag to start their own line of choc! On a cinema date I do NOT want a wizened grape thanks! But send me the coffee pls!! X

    • The idea of you spitting out raisins into your husband’s hand in the cinema is priceless.
      You can have the coffee ones, every day of the week

  • Evil raisins, evil coffee, evil orange. I may have to return to just pure malteasers. Although I was quite pleased to find Twix in a box of Celebrations…. But why are they just so expensive???

  • Revels are not the same as they used to be…..
    I love the coffee one’s though…lol

  • It’s all about unpredictability in snacks! Salty popcorn and sweet popcorn all mixed up anyone?