SatCap — 19th January

I don’t normally take part in the Saturday Caption linky but I saw this pic this week and just had to put it on my blog


Though I suspect the only caption people will post will be “That is so true”


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  • Can’t caption I’m sorry. I’ve been called upon to give breadmaker using advice by a few people who have dusted there’s off to deal with the ‘crisis’.

  • I didn’t drive like an idiot only because I can’t start the car, but everything else I did!!!

  • Parasol sales in North Cheshire are exceeding forecast.
    Hose pipe bans expected hourly.
    Manchester airport very busy handling diverted flights.
    Red cross parcel production cranked up to relieve the Home Counties disaster area.
    Passport controls in place at Crewe and at Sandbach services,
    What else can I tell you?

  • I am married to a South African, who thinks that snow is AMAZING and has happily played in the garden with the children, getting wet and cold, while the cats and I look on in disgust from the warmth of the house…
    A new friend of mine, who has just moved from Washington State, where they get 4 foot of snow in the winter, is amazed at how freaked out everyone is, and at how everything grinds to a halt.
    I went to Tesco on Friday, and there was no bread, or milk left, because people had been panic buying. SO ridiculous. Our school is likely to be shut tomorrow, not because the kids can’t get in (being a local school, most parents can manage it) but because some of the teachers won’t make it in, because the trains will have ground to a halt, buses will be delayed and the councils won’t grit enough roads to make driving safe. I am very bah humbuggy about snow. It’s pretty, but it causes Britain to loose the plot.