The end of an era

That is what today is,  the end of an era.

For four years I have been driving J to and from school on a trip that takes anything from 2.5 to 3 hours on a Monday morning.   He is a weekly boarder so needs to be picked up Saturday lunchtime and taken back on Sunday night or Monday morning.   For three years it was Sunday night but for the past year it has been Monday morning (with thanks to the lovely Jo who takes E to school for me so I can do it).   Leaving the house at just after 6.30am, dropping him just before 8am and then turning around and driving home again through Reading’s rush hour traffic.

Getting up and ironing his shirts, waking him up, leaving the house in the dark, doing a sneaky drive thru McDonalds for breakfast, it became part of our weekly routine.   And as much as I hated the journey I also loved it for the time it gave me with him.  Just the two of us.  Debating all sorts of things from tax to gay marriage to cars to the cabinet.   We talked about it all on those journeys.

Saturdays were defined by pick ups, first by rowing regattas if J was taking part, and then by what time games finished.   Exeat weekends meant I had to collect him Friday afternoons, taking two hours out of a working day.

Not anymore though.

As of today J is doing it himself.   Well he will be if the ice clears.   But it will no longer be me doing those drives.   I will probably only have to do it once a year for speech day.

No longer will it be my car rammed to the roof on the first day of term with towels, duvet, sports kit, shirts, shoes and books.   It will be his.

He is the proud owner of a Corsa.   I am now redundant


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  • Awe, I can feel the love and sadness in that post. Proud that he’s moved on and is growing into a fine young man, but sad to know he no longer relies on you. Though I imagine he’ll always be your baby.

    CJ x

  • Awww never redundant! There will always be washing to be done! And phone calls when he needs advice or a sneaky cuddle when his girlfriend dumps him. We are always needed, why, just changes.
    Xxx *throws arms open for cheeky cuddle*

  • AH, not redundant, just a new phase! He will still need his Mum, for a good while yet for other stuff! My 6 year old is already counting the day when she can go to “big” school and take herself on the bus! They grow up so fast!

  • A job well done, I’d say, it comes to us all in the end, all of us mums, anyway. Not redundant though, I don’t think, bonds are loosened, not severed after all, and life enters a new stage for both parties. You will come to like the newfound freedom during the time that was previously spent rushing and driving and fill it with other things, which should somewhat temper the sadness about this ending of an era. An ending era means a new one is about to start. Enjoy this one too! xx