Stuffing your stocking with Sage Appliances [AD]

Stuffing your stocking with Sage Appliances

Last Saturday I co-hosted an event with Harriet from Sage Appliances in their test kitchen in Chiswick.   Mr B, myself and half a dozen other bloggers got to play with all of their fabulous kitchen gadgets whilst preparing a backwards lunch.   It wasn’t meant to be backwards but we got a bit excited about the ice cream maker and made Oreo ice cream before we had made the risotto and soup.   Well, what do you expect from a bunch of grown ups who have come to London for the day?

It won’t have escaped your attention that we have some of the gadgets at home so I thought I would do a round up of my top five favourites in case you were thinking of buying anything kitchen related for Christmas this year, or wanted to put anything on your own wish list.

First up has to be the first item I got from Sage, the Tea Maker .    This is my most used appliance and makes the most perfect cup of tea every time, whether that is from green leaves, black, white or even herbal.   Every pot is spot on.   We even took it to the cottage we stayed in last Christmas and had it in our room.   The video I made about it is my most watched video to date!  Though it makes me cringe:

RRP:  £199.99

Continuing the theme of kitchen appliances we take on holiday, next up is the Smart Waffle that came to France with us.  This more than any other thing gets people really talking on Twitter.   As a nation we aren’t really into our waffles as much as say, the Americans or Belgians, and I think that is a real shame.   Waffles are a perfect breakfast.  Or lunch.  Or even dinner.   Especially after Harriet showed us how to make potato waffles on Saturday.   And talked of “womelettes” which I have just had to try out:


RRP: £170

Next on the list of items we played with on Saturday, The Boss.   This incredible machine can make frozen peas into hot soup in roughly 8 minutes.   It makes the most amazing hummus we have ever tasted (and I have eaten my fair share of hummus in my time).  It even makes almond or rice milk, and can do sorbets or smoothies at the press of a button.  It mills, purees, blends, chops and even cleans itself when you are finished.    This is a picture taken by Alice on Saturday that shows soup on the go (after the ice cream has been made and I am scraping left overs in to a box!)


RRP £499.99

Talking of ice cream, if you have been to our house you will know that the Smart Scoop plays the ice cream tune when it is finished.  If anybody in your family is a lover of ice cream I seriously recommend this machine.  We made my two ingredient ice cream on Saturday and just before the end we threw in some Oreo cookies.  It was to die for.   How we had any left I am not sure to be honest.

There is another dodgy video from me that shows you why I love it:

RRP: £349.99

Last on my little list is the humble toaster.   Now you might think that a toaster is a toaster.  Well not when Heston has had anything to do with the design it isn’t.   When you think about how you use a toaster and what you want from it, what do you come up with?  How about a “bit more” button because the toast you just made is not quite dark enough?   Or how about a “quick glance” button because you don’t want it to catch so need to see if it is ready, and if it isn’t you don’t want to have to wait for the elements to heat up again.   Or a separate setting for crumpets maybe?  Or fruit loaf?  Heston has thought of them all and turned the toaster into something genius


Prices from: £79.99

And lastly when you look at the picture at the top do you think there is room in the TV schedules for a new Fanny and Johnnie Craddock cookery show?

PS the Sage Appliances Adjusta grill in that top picture is superb.  It has adjustable feet so it keeps any oil off the food by draining it away.   Such a simple but very clever idea, and a bargain at less than £100.

 Thanks to Alice for the Instagram pic and the one of Bruce and I.   And to Harriet and the guys at Sage for hosting us and filling our tummies with scrummy food!

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  • Wow!
    You must have thought you’d died and gone to Heaven!!!!!
    What an amazing set of kitchen kit!

    (Bang goes our draft Christmas list, dammit)

  • It looks like you all had so much fun…I love the ideas of the waffles, and the toaster looks like a genius idea…that’ll be going onto my wish list for sure!

  • We LOVE Sage in this house! I’ve got the Slow Cooker (Risotto Plus) AND I’ve just got the juicer. Amazing performance, easy to use (I’m NO cook!) but crucially, stunning to look at! And yes, that makes me want to use them more! That’s how I roll! xx

    • Isnt that juicer amazing? I bought one for Caity and wish I had kept it for me! I love that you can put a whole apple in there, the juice that comes out tastes like no other juice I have ever had. It is fabulous. And the kids don’t know that the orange stuff they are drinking is really healthy and good for them when you make carrot and orange juice!

  • As you know, I have the microwave, and who knew I could love a microwave as much as I do…the soften butter & reheat beverage are the most used’s a genius machine!

    • isnt it? I dont have the microwave but every time I see one I have to stroke it. I love the mute button. Excellent for a sneaky warm midnight feast when you dont want to wake the house up with a “PING”