Thank you NHS

I think we probably all want to say a big thank you to the NHS, don’t we?

One of the things I really want to take away from the Coronavirus, and remember in years to come is the NHS finally getting the recognition it rightly deserves.   Without wishing to get political, for years it has been under-funded, in some cases abused, and yet always there for us when we need it most.  My Timehop is littered with reminders of trips in ambulances with family members, overnight or extended stays with loved ones, and quick in and outs of the A&E department after an assortment of scans, tests, x-rays and issued prescriptions.  I have always believed the NHS was one of the things we should be proudest of in this country, and so I have loved seeing it now getting the attention it deserves.

I wrote last month (Window Wednesday — Rainbows)  about how much I adored seeing pictures of rainbows filling windows, adorning lampposts and decorating walls up and down the country.   If I could ask for one thing when this is all over then it would be to have these gentle reminders remain.

Actually, scratch that as being just one thing I would like to remain, I would like the fund raising to carry on too.  I mean, how can we forget Captain Tom Moore wanting to raise a £1000 and ending up raising over £30 million for NHS Charities Together?  It was extraordinary, it still is and it has been remarkable seeing other brands and companies pledge their support to NHS charities over the last few weeks as well.

My friend Kate at Gower Cottage has pledged a percentage from packs of brownies and the virtual pub quiz we have been doing on a Thursday night has been doing something similar.  Hotels and restaurants have been showing their support by donating meals, airlines have been manning rest areas in hospitals and companies and individuals have been making scrubs from old duvet covers.

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