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There has been a little break in the Gallery posts as Tara, the host, has been off on a fabulous holiday that she won.   Seems appropriate that the first theme since her return then is Family.

Not many pics of us as a family exist.   Primarily as I have never seen a pic of me that I like, but secondly the three smaller Bs don’t like having their pics taken particularly.   Or they do but it is then swiftly followed by “Don’t Tweet that”.

This pic is one of the rare ones that features Mr B and the three Bs.  And also me, though I am only reflected in the mirror.

Taken in 2009 we took them to a spot where Mr B and I had been on our honeymoon the year before.    A place that is affectionately known as “T’s happy spot”.

We went for burgers and potato wedges, and to look at the view.    Only three years ago but it just goes to show how much they have grown and changed over that time.

We will go back there again next month but without C as she is going to be working and saving for university.   So it’s a poignant pic and I am glad I found it whilst looking for something for this post.     Thanks Tara



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  • I love those happy places and happy place feelings. And the warmth the memories (and pictures) bring. I enjoyed this post. Thank you.

  • It’s so great to have a place that you consider ‘yours’. Sadly, one of ours is a beach and other people seem to think they can also use it. grrrr

  • That is a gorgeous photo. Everyone does look relaxed and happy, these are the sort of photos that you can look back at and smile

  • Gotta love a good thumbs up photo!My happy place is with you in your hot tub avec Daddy Barrow in his bow-tie serving up cold gin!
    See you in 2 sleeps!

  • I am looking forward to having a ‘special ‘ place that my little family hold dear and enjoy returning too. This is a very special photo and I hoe when you return it is just as lovely even though one family member won’t be with you xx

  • It’s a lovely photo – my son is the same doesn’t like having his photo taken. We have so few photos of just us, one of us – like you in reflection is hidden behind the camera.