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Girls.   I have spent a lot of time with girls recently.   A great songstress once sang that sisters were doing it for themselves and by goodness I saw that in Ghana.   All about girls and whilst I was never a fan of the Spice Girls, girl power.

And as a mum of two girls I know how important it is to teach the next generation of girls that they can do it.   They, more than any other generation, have it all at their finger tips.

But before all the craziness of Comic Relief kicked in I managed to sneak off to London.   To Choccywoccydoodah to their secret room for an afternoon with girlfriends.   Some I knew well, some I hadn’t met before but had chatted to via blogs and Twitter for ages.

So it seemed appropriate that when Tara announced this week’s theme was girls I show you this pic.

Twenty two of us from all over the country.   Chatting over fizz, chocolate and cake.   What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

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  • I love that photo! I love that this world of blogging allows us to meet people from all over the country and from all different walks of life. it sounded like a fab day 🙂

  • This looks absolutely fabulous! One day I hope to sample the delights of Choccywoccydoodah aka Heaven!

  • Sounds like the best day ever!!! Great photo too. Hoping you’re doing ok after your adventures in Ghana 🙂

  • fantastic picture, and lets face it you cant get better, girls, cake and fizz top outing!

  • Gorgeous photo and I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t manage to get there, it looked fantastic! See that gap at Sophie’s left shoulder and just behind you? That’s my space 😉

  • Lovely picture! How fabulous that the world of blogging allows you to do so many funny things and meet such brilliant people.
    Add eat chocolate.

  • Girls + chocolate wouldve been like heaven I imagine! Great opportunity x

  • Fizz and chocolate and cake. With girlfriends. Honestly what in this world could be nicer?!

  • I was really sorry to have missed this. Next time, I will make up for it 🙂