The Gallery — Inspirational Women

Tara has gone for Inspirational Women as the theme for The Gallery this week in light of the news that when Elizabeth Fry is removed from £5 notes this week, women are no longer going to feature on any Bank of England notes.  This has, quite rightly, caused outrage.

A petition has been started to show that there are so many inspirational women in history, why are none of them on bank notes?

So Tara asked us who our inspirational women were.   This was a no brainer for me.   My inspirational women are my mum and Lady Barrow.  Both of whom are smiling above.

I cannot sum up in one blog post what they both mean to me.   What they have overcome in their lives, what they give to others, and what they have achieved.

Suffice to say, they are my inspiration and I adore the pair of them.

Olivia.  Pat.   I love you


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  • They both have a wonderful smile. I think you’re right, there needn’t say more! xx

  • I will leave to those more qualified than I extensive comment on the second section of your post, Sufficient to say at this stage that I endorse your remarks totally. I have known Lady B for much longer than I’ve known your mum but both have brought me great happiness; since my stroke Lady B has been my strength and support to an extent far greater than I can quantify and express.

    WRT the business of women on English currency notes and the “outrage” this has aroused I look forward to organised bra-burning in public places: SKY TV and the SUN newspaper will no doubt provide full coverage?

    I shall be organising co-ordinated Y-front destruction to object to the absence on the reverse of UK coinage of MEN!

    Britannia has been there for far too long!

  • I think we need to put women on ALL the bank notes. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Lovely post.