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The lovely Michelle over at The American Resident has been doing some blog hop / linkys for people to document “Where I Live” and this week the theme is “Indoors”;  Where I live — Indoors.     I thought this was so fabulous that I would join in as her post is about the art she loves and about working from home, something I really relate to.   Previous themes have included cities, green, perfect Bank Holiday and contrasts.

The indoors element of this week really did strike a chord so here is mine:


When I am on my laptop, and in the living room that is my view.   Yes that coffee table really is 5′ long (and 4′ wide) and beyond is our garden.  Wild at the moment as all the rain makes things grow so fast but I love the lush green contrasting with the wood on the table and the chairs outside.  It’s a view I could, and do, spend a lot of time just staring at.

The collage below are all things that have been made by people we know.  The candle sticks by J as part of a DT project / the letters by C as part of her Art GCSE project and the painting was a wedding present by a love friend called Jacqui.   It looks abstract to most people but it tells a story.  The blue is our hot tub.  The long red line is to signify our roof which caused us 18 months of legal wrangling / heartache and misery before being resolved.   The three lines are the three children and it all points towards the future.  To moving on.   It hangs in our lounge and I often just stare at it and look at where we came from five years ago when we got married.


And then these three are also very special.  The bowls were a wedding present from crazy friends of ours who went to plate painting studio in town and sat with the groups of children having birthday parties to make these for us.    The kneeling lady was a present from Mr B after we spotted it in the local art gallery.   He loved it.  I said it reminded me of me.   And the painting is of E.  Done by my fabulous mother in law, Lady Barrow who painted it from a photo she took one year when E was making mince pies.  It is one of my favourite things in the house.


And lastly two posters that people might think “blah blah, move on, they are everywhere”.  Our Keep Calm and Carry on posters.   What people don’t know is that they were in Bruce’s brother’s flat.  And when he died we decided to hang them in our lounge a) because we liked them and b) well because Rog liked them and they remind us of him.   And next to those posters (though not next to them at home) is a picture that C had done for me for Christmas.   My tweets on my avatar.   Framed and on the wall in the office.


So there you have it.  Some of the things that make up our “indoors”.


How about you.  When you think of your indoors what springs to mind?  I would love to hear.

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  • I love the nude lady and the canvases with the letters on, totally gorge. Our rented house (or ‘Magnolia Palace’ as I like to call it) has a ‘no pictures on walls’ rule which frustrates the hell out of me, so I have very little in the way of art in here.

    On a different note, I got married in August 2008 too!

  • I have loved this linky, so fabulous to be able to get a glimpse into peoples worlds. I love the personal objects you have featured, especially the original paintings, and the kneeling lady.Your house looks warm and full of love, exactly how I would have imagined it!

  • It is so cool (and what an honour) to get these very personal glimpses into people’s homes through this week’s linky. I love your descriptions of these pieces, even down to “blah blah, move on, they are everywhere” and why you chose to put these posters up.

    Thank you for joining in this linky!! xox