The Social Isolation Diaries — Week 10

The Social Isolation Diaries — Week 10


Well this has been quite the week.  First of all, the official stuff that has been going on that I want to document before I forget.  We are still officially in lockdown but with some easing, so we can drive as far as we like but we can’t stay out overnight.   It’s like being 10 again and knowing you have to be home for tea.   The problem with that is that people who live near beauty spots, beaches and national parks are now feeling as though they can’t go out because their neighbourhood is full of day-trippers.   Day trippers who can’t access public loos so are using people’s gardens and dumping rubbish from their picnics in hedgerows.    It all feels wrong, personally and we still haven’t ventured beyond a supermarket.

Pick For Britain has been launched, asking us to sign up and pick fruit if we can because there is a real shortage of fruit pickers this year.  Aside from that we are still being encouraged to work from home if we can, and if we have to travel to work avoid public transport and wear a face mask.

Good news is that there are less than 10,000 people in hospital with coronavirus, though sadly several hundred a day are still dying.    And the number of people from care homes who have died is devastating, and the fact care homes were not ring fenced with PPE and testing far far earlier in this pandemic is something I hope will be revisited in months to come, and people held to account.

We have also now been told that there will be a 14 day self isolation period imposed on anyone coming back to the UK from abroad.   Addresses will have to be handed in to border force officials and they reserve the right to carry out a spot check visit to make sure you are where you said you will be.  Fines will be hefty for anyone breaking the rules.

News is also surfacing of Dominic Cummings but I cant start talking about him because it will make me rage.

For us this has been birthday week, we had Caity and my Dad’s last weekend, and then this week we had Mr B’s.  We thought it would be a muted affair but Bucks Fizz for breakfast kind of set the tone of the day since we weren’t driving anywhere!

I thought that a delivery of dinner from Cote Brasserie and booking the local ice cream van to pull up at our house would be the pinnacle, but nope.  Not even close.

At 9.41 in the morning on May 20th this little pickle arrived: our first grand daughter!  Seriously, how gorgeous is she?  When I wrote about becoming a granny last year, how little would I know that she would be born into a global pandemic.

Welcome to the world Lily Elena.

I told you it had been quite the week









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